Weaver #53 (48053) Top Mount Bases - Gloss Black

Weaver #53 (48053) Top Mount Bases - Gloss Black

Weaver #53(48053) Top Mount Bases - Gloss Black

Each Weaver base (scope mount) is machined to tight tolerances for a custom fit. These Aluminum bases offer maximum strength for rings to hold tight

One piece base for:

  • Navy Arms Country Boy Muzzleloader
  • Garcia 73
  • Sako Finnwolf
  • Winchester 88 & 100

This scope mount will work with Weaver style scope rings.

Color Mount:
105-WVR-48049 Gloss Black


(average out of 179 votes: 3.2 stars)

Customer Reviews

Product was in great condition and shipped fast.

I purchased the mount a while back and only now got around to preparing my National Match to accept the mount. When I got the bag out to start the dremmeling of the stock to accept the internal nut plate...I also received a shipment that did not have the nut plate or another reviewer experienced. Of course its the weekend now. I will contact them on Monday and hopefully will get the parts for next weekend.

I couldnt be happier with this base. It was a perfect fit on my finnwolf.

Easly to find on the website and order. Local gun shops did not have this product and it was even hard to locate online. This website popped up and had what I needed.

MSP Code: 105-WVR-48053
UPC Code: 76683480538
Price: $7.49

Status: Status: On Backorder, will take extra time to ship
(average out of 179 votes: 3.2 stars)

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