Streamlight Strion

Streamlight Strion Overview

Most weapon flashlight will offer only one light-intensity setting, ignoring most of your needs for more subtle or momentarily stronger illumination. This can be quite dangerous in certain operations, where discretion might be an important factor. But of course we’ve got the product for those situations for you, the Streamlight Strion, a flashlight that offer not one, not two, but THREE different light settings for you to choose from at your very finger tip. Made from durable materials and designed to be simple and efficient, there is nothing left to wish from the Streamlight Strion, except perhaps a long battery life.

Yet, here the Streamlight Strion amazes again with its 5.5 hour long operation on the lowest setting and 2 continuous hours on the highest. If you just need a little bit of light, the Streamlight Strion lets you have that and spend less battery time, so that you can switch to high intensity the moment you really need it. So, if you want a flashlight that can be adjusted to your very needs the moment you decide to, the Streamlight Strion is the only flashlight for you. Order your own now and you won’t regret it.

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