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Glock 43x Magazine Extension

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Glock 43X Magazine Extension: The Perfect Enhancement for Glock Fans

Looking for a way to increase your Glock 43X's capacity and improve your grip during shooting sessions? Our Glock 43X magazine extension is the perfect solution. This premium extension not only adds extra rounds to your magazine but also offers an improved grip for better control and precision.

Key Features

  • Extended Capacity: Increase your Glock 43X's magazine capacity for extended shooting sessions and improved firepower.
  • Enhanced Grip: Benefit from an upgraded grip surface that offers better control and accuracy during use.
  • Simple Installation: No special tools or gunsmithing experience required—simply slide the extension onto your existing magazine.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Glock 43X 9mm single-stack magazine.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, impact-resistant polymer for long-lasting performance and reliability.

Effortless Installation

Our Glock 43X magazine extension is designed for a quick and seamless installation process. You won't need any special tools or gunsmithing experience to attach the extension to your existing magazine. Just follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Remove your magazine from the Glock 43X.
  2. Depress the magazine floorplate's retaining pin and slide off the floorplate.
  3. Carefully slide the magazine extension onto the magazine body, ensuring it locks securely into place.
  4. Reinsert the magazine spring and follower into the magazine body.
  5. Slide the new floorplate onto the magazine body and secure it with the retaining pin.

Enhanced Performance

Besides offering increased capacity, the Glock 43X magazine extension also provides better grip and control for an overall improved shooting experience. The extension's textured surface delivers a more comfortable and secure grip, enabling you to maintain optimal control during rapid-fire situations.

Quality You Can Depend On

At Mounts Plus, we're dedicated to supplying top-quality products for firearms enthusiasts. Our Glock 43X magazine extension is no exception, as it is crafted from high-quality, impact-resistant polymer to ensure long-lasting performance and dependability.

Upgrade your Glock 43X today with our magazine extension and experience the difference in capacity, grip, and control. Order now and enjoy fast shipping and exceptional customer service from Mounts Plus!

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The distinction between inferior quality and premium Glock Magazine Extension is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer Glock 43 Accessories from the most trusted brands. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.