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AR15 Carry Handle Mount

AR15 Carry Handle Mount

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What People are saying about our AR15 carry handle scope mounts

Solid AR Carry Handle Mount

A.R.M.S. #2 has a stable fit in my AR-15 Carry Handle. It took me a little time to realize that the part must be securely seated in the channel of the carry handle before trying to tighten the bottom set screw. Otherwise, the mount will pitch to either the left or the right as you attempt to tighten it. While holding the carry handle, press down on the rear of the mount with your thumb until you hear a dull snap. Then you'll know that the mount is in place. Then, tighten the locking screw to secure it.

AR-15 carry handle rail mount

Overall, an excellent piece, just unfortunate, the fit is not tight enough (should be a degree of friction...there is not). I have a similar mounting rail system from long ago and was very pleased with it's a snug fit but decided to replace it as the unit had only 4 cutouts total. If perfect "zero" is not required, I highly recommend this product.

Make it work

Did not fit into the carry handle of a Bushmaster as nicely as I had expected; some tapping with a hardwood block helped. The holes in the tightening nut are not deep enough to use. I tried the end of a drill bit that was an exact fit but could not get it to work for tightening the nut. For the price, A.R.M.S. should include a spanner wrench for tightening the nut. It's mounted, Lock-tite, and the scope is on. I was satisfied with that.

AR 15 carry handle red dot sight.

This A2 scope mount is straightforward to install and a perfect fit. It is manufactured to exact specifications. Thanks for a high-quality product. Make it easy to add a red dot sit to you ar. A must-have A.R. accessories of you have a carry handle.


This mount fits into the carrying handle of my D.P.M.S. with what can only be described as a "suction fit". I had to press it in, unlike cheap mounts of the same design that just fall in and rattle around while you shoot. The mount stayed put. What more can I say?

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