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Glock Trigger Connector

Glock Trigger Connector

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We at Mounting Solutions Plus want to make your experience with firearms as smooth as possible.  Hence we maintain this like of Glock Triggers Connectors.

If you want a smoother and easier trigger pull, the Glock Triggers Connectors are your choice. The trigger pull without it may seem to be smooth after several rounds of use especially, but it would in all likelihood still had a noticable trigger break. At the trigger break you’d still had to pull a little harder to fire the arm. For the "last resistance" of the trigger pull to be overcome, you’d choose from this line of Glock Triggers Connectors.

Reducing the trigger pull and smoothing out the trigger helps greatly with target practice and shooting as well as benefitting quick response in hostile, self defense and surveillance situations. This is a good investment for your use of firearms making your response smarter, smoother and swifter.