HK G3/MP5/91/93 Low Profile Claw Mount

HK G3/MP5/91/93 Low Profile Claw Mount

H&K G3 MP5/91/93 Low Profile Rail Claw Mount

  • Mil spec rail
  • Low Profile
  • Works well with all HK clones
(average out of 218 votes: 3.5 stars)

Customer Reviews

Excellent base for adding optics, laser/lights etc to an MP5. Cannot fault it and far superior to other similar options being offered by other manufacturers. I would like to so a shorter version offered for MP5K.

The MFI low profile scope mount is the best HK low profile mount you will find for any of your HK's. I know as I have tried them all and the MFI HK mount is the best. HKPARTS.NET by the way offers this mount for the cheapest price anwhere and even included free shipping to boot! Get the mfi and you will be stoked.

As above, the mount is solid. Required a little filing to fit my HK. I am concerned that the finish under my ARMS quick-detach optic mounts is already wearing off after only a few mounts/dismount.

Price: $145.00

(average out of 218 votes: 3.5 stars)

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