GRSC Bayonet Lug Sling Adapter

GRSC Bayonet Lug Sling Adapter

GRSC Bayonet Lug Adapter

(Bayonet Lug Required)

Rail on bottom of the adapter allows the mounting of accessories such as a flash light.


(average out of 176 votes: 3.1 stars)

Customer Reviews

I bought the mount for my Colt M4 to attach a bipod. Works really well for that. I also wanted to attach my QD equipped sling but discovered it is not made for that. No big deal since I have a QD on the hand guard. I also used a roll pin to secure the adapter instead of the included screw and nut.

Basically for those who do not have a front end sling swivel to connect your sling on your tweaked out M4 Carbine. Seems to be sturdily made and stable. Should stand up to some rough field testing.

I had a problem getting the adaptor to fit my Bushmaster Gas Piston. By the time I figured what was wrong and after several blows with a hammer I damaged the dang thing. I called GRSC and spoke with Ed Verdugo, told him what I did and explained the problem. He immediately offered to refund my money. I asked if he could just send me another one? He said sure. No hassle, Great Service.

UPC Code: 13964143195
Price: $32.00

Status: Status: In Stock, ready to ship
(average out of 176 votes: 3.1 stars)

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