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AR-15 Stock Overview

The AR-15 is an extraordinary weapon that can be improved with a well designed and manufactured stock. A new stock does more than just replace the factory standard currently on the weapon. It provides additional benefits that include reducing recoil and preventing slippage. This means that your AR-15 becomes a more accurate, controllable firearm with overall improved performance thanks to the new stock.

Plus, the old factory standard stock can wobble and even break over time. By purchasing a new, durable AR-15 stock you can extend the life of the weapon. All the AR-15 stocks featured in the online catalog are crafted from top notch materials and designed to work with the weapon. Our new stocks will reduce the wobble, minimize the recoil, prevent slippage from the shoulder even when wearing body armor and provide greater comfort while firing the weapon.
Crafted from the best materials that combine strength and durability in a lightweight design, our AR-15 stocks are some of the best on the market today.

AR-15 Product Categories

We offer a number products designed for the AR-15 which include the following items;

  • Buffer Tube Parts
  • Buttpads
  • Collapsible Stocks
  • AR-15 A2 Fixed Buttstocks

You can find a complete line of AR-15 products in our online catalog. If you have more questions about what we offer, we encourage you to contact our company and let our friendly, courteous staff help you find what you need.


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