Mosin Nagant Stocks

Mosin Nagant Stocks Overview

The Mosin Nagant, as every experienced weapon owner knows, is a majestic, iconic rifle many of us love and respect for its design and sheer power. Sadly we know all too well that every powerhouse has its proverbial Achilles’ heel. That very power that makes this weapon so coveted and desirable is what is also is its downfall in the form of the recoil every shot produces. This recoil threatens to destroy the weapon slowly, one shot at a time. By enduring the shocks of each shot, the various parts of the Mosin Nagant slowly deteriorate and give up.

There is only one real way to prevent this for as long as possible and that is to upgrade your stock. A superior, modern design stock offers far more than shoulder comfort and steadiness. It also causes the recoil to be spread in a more even way throughout the weapon, protecting the operator’s shoulder as well as the more sensitive equipment attached to the gun. Our Mosin Nagant stocks are everything you might wish for to turn your weapon into a better, stronger version of itself that will last you for a much, much longer time.

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