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US Optics SR-8c 1-8x Red Dot Rifle Scope
    US Optics SR-8c 1-8x Red Dot Rifle Scope
    Purchase US Optics SR-8c 1-8x Red Dot Rifle Scope
    • US Optics SR-8c 1-8x Red Dot Rifle Scope
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      UPC: 811069020126
      Manufacturer: US Optics

    • $2,370.25

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    US Optics SR-8c 1-8x Red Dot Rifle Scope

    When it comes to scopes, the camps are divided between versatility as opposed to speed. Of course, finding one that satisfies both needs is rather difficult, but that is the intention of the SR-8 series of scopes for rifles. This particular scope ranges from 1x to 8x going from the low to high end which gives it a great deal of versatility. In fact, all the models of this particular scope are excellent to use whether the target is over 800 yards away or at point blank range.

    The SR-8c has a number of features starting with the daylight visibility, a 4 MOA red dot sight that is located in the second focal plane. That red dot feature can be found in the first focal plane as well, located in the middle of the 8c MIL reticle. In essence, this is a dot that is illuminated and crafted for the lowest power setting. The result is the speed that people look for when engaging a target quickly and in many different environmental conditions.

    Speed and versatility is a very rare combination in scopes, but the SR-8c does offer that feature which sets it apart from much of its competition.

    Base Model Specifications

    • Color: Matte Black Type III Hard Anodizing
    • Knob Elevation: US#1 2/10 MIL Zeroing (Default)
      A similar design to the US #1, but the Zeroing knob is somewhat smaller in size. The result is a knob that works very well for a person familiar with the reticle and does not require much in the way of adjusting once it has been set. It is helpful to keep the weight down on the scope so that there is no interference, but there is an aluminum screw that is used to on the cover which protects the knob and keeps it stationary when the rifle is being moved about.
      There is an aluminum screw on cover to protect the knob as well as keep it from moving during transportation.
    • Knob Windage: US#1 2/10 MIL Zeroing
      The U.S. #1 Zeroing knob is basically the same type of design as the standard U.S.#1, but it is in a smaller form. This knob is perfect for someone who uses their reticle for hold over's and does not need to be adjusting the knobs frequently. We suggest this to many hunters to try to keep the weight and size down on the scope. There is an aluminum screw on cover to protect the knob as well as keep it from moving during transportation.
    • Red Illuminated Dot: Red Illuminated Dot
      There are two different colors when it comes to providing daylight visibility for the SR-8c. In this manner, the dot will actually contrast with the area being focused on and provide a means to accurately aim the weapon. The push button digital illumination offers 12 shades of light from very dim to very bright which can be used for any environmental conditions.
    • Reticle: 8C MIL
      The reticle is IL based and is quite effective. The entire product is very well designed and beautifully thought out as it provides different functions as well as magnification settings. This MIL reticle is also very good at the low end in terms of magnification and provides different ranging capabilities as well. You can find various 1 MIL increments that are featured on the 4 axis of the crosshairs which are used for range.
      Miscellaneous Information


    Additional Information:

    Magnification: 1-8x
    Tube Size: 30mm
    Length: 12 in
    Weight: 1.60 lbs.
    Eye Relief: 3.7 in
    Field of View (ft at 100 yds): NO
    Area of Travel (MOA): NO
    Objective Lens (in): NO
    Elevation Range (MILS): NO
    Elevation Range (MOA): NO
    Windage Range (MILS): NO
    Windage Range (MOA): NO
    Upgrade: No

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