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TriTECH Tactical Rifle Sling for CAR 15
    TriTECH Tactical Rifle Sling for CAR 15
    Purchase TriTECH Tactical Rifle Sling for CAR 15
    • TriTECH Tactical Rifle Sling for CAR 15
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      Manufacturer: TRITECH

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    TriTech Tactical Rapid Assault Rifle Sling TRAS for the CAR 15

    M16A2AR15 with TRAS under mount and service stock configuration

    M16A2AR15 with TRAS under mount and service stock configuration without sling on

    M16A2AR15 with TRAS service stock configuration sling attached

    M16A2AR15 with TRAS under mount and service stock configuration with sling body off front and rear with universal modular system still attached

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    The Tactical Rapid Assault Sling (TRAS) was designed by Richard ("Rick") A. Garcia, Sr. in 1996 to supply the Military and the Police Special Ops Personnel with an alternative to the 3-point only sling and the standard rifle/carbine/assault carry sling. The TRAS blends all of the best but limited functions of other slings and at the same time the TRAS provides many more shooting positions then the other slings can provide.

    The TRAS gives the operator the ability to shot from high angle platforms, aerial platforms, and marine platforms. The TRAS Sling also offers a large margin of safety to the operator in the high angle, aerial, and marine platform environment. Another unique characteristic of the TRAS is that it delivers enhanced CQB usage for either left or right handed shooters. The TRAS is possibly one of the only slings in the CQB environment that can furnish the operator with vertical cover by using the primary weapon as a shield and allowing the operator to deploy a secondary weapon immediately.

    The TRAS utilizes the martial art concept of the figure eight movement. Using the figure eight enables the operator to regain control of the carbine in a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) recovery, hand to hand fight for the weapon. The TRAS sling on the operator is positioned with 2 slings to the back and 1 sling parallel to the weapon. The front and rear sling points are attached to the weapon. This creates a fulcrum effect on the sling allowing the operator to move the carbine in a figure eight configuration.

    Rick has developed this "primary weapon shield" concept for the Immediate Action Drill of the TRAS in conjunction with the TTT/Mission First Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard (TRRL) which is attached to the operator's handgun. Rick designed the TRAS and the TRRL to work together. These two products evolved into the "Close Quarter Battle/Attached Weapons Tactics" Training.


    • Non-metal construction for quiet operation in the field and for no static electricity or magnetic signature

    • Ambidextrous sling body

    • Capable of secondary weapon carry, litter carry, or heavy equipment carry

    • Universal modular system designed to attach to multiple weapons, i. e. can be removed from a rifle and attached to a shotgun, to a submachine gun, or to a non-lethal weapons system

    • Unique CQB pull tab to extend into a 3-point muzzle down carry

    • Operator safety, break away capability, i. e. weapon can be released from the sling in less then 2 seconds if the weapon becomes detrimental to the operator's safety

    • Long-term continuous wear of the sling on the operator, i.e., can be safely worn without the weapon for long periods of time; not detrimental to operator performance

    • Proprietary Sling: Only sling designed to interface with Tactical Retention Recovery Lanyard (TRRL) with 12 sling positions for Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Attached Weapon Tactics (AWT) with one sling setting.

    The operator adjusts the sling to his/her body size. Then the operator adjusts the 3-point slide release buckle on the sling to position the muzzle of his/her weapon down. Now the operator is able to go into any of the next 12 TRAS Sling Positions without readjusting the sling. The exception is re-locking of the CQB tab for the CQB positions again.

    Fast weapon deployment from a secure position. Quality materials and construction. Different models available for Benelli M1, M16/AR15, M16-M4, CAR15, HK Weapon systems, UZI, Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30, Rem. 1100 & 870 Shotguns.

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