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Nightforce SHV Rifle Scopes

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Rugged, Reliable, Repeatable

The brand new and readily available, Nightforce Optics Shooter Hunter Varminter (better known as the SHV) riflescope has been directly aimed at the hunting, varminting and shooting market, if the name didn’t give us a clue. This optic from Nightforce is jam packed full of premium features, and also comes with the famous Nightforce durability plus their extended warranty. The best part about all this, is that the Nightforce SHV Rifle Scope (non-illuminated model) can be picked up for less than $1,000.00, which can be over some budgets, but still for the price tag you are certainly getting your moneys worth.

An Overview of the Nightforce SHV

The Nightforce SHV rifle scope is built on a single-piece scope body and comes with a 30mm main tube and a 56mm objective lens, along with a magnification range of up to 4-14X. The SHV also comes with a ¼ MOA click adjustments for both windage and elevation control with an impressive total of 70 MOA of windage and 100 MOA of elevation available. This is all available in a generous 14.8” long package which weighs 26.9 ounces (non-illuminated model) and 28.5 ounces (with illumination), respectively.

These specifications are what make the Nightforce SHV Rifle Scope such a success. The 30mm main tube allows for the Nightforce to offer generous levels of internal elevation and windage adjustment. With Nightforce designing their scope with a 56mm objective it will no doubt please the big game and varmint hunters as additional light will be able to enter the scope in order to provide a far brighter image during dusk and dawn when small mammals are more than likely to be active. The scopes magnification range from 4-14X is ideally suited to the task of hunting too. The lowest end of the magnification range is great for those instances when a maximum field of view is needed such as hunting within thick timber or hunting along murky river bottoms. The high end of the scope’s magnification is also more than adequate during long range shooting and hunting, as it allows for precise holds on the target.

Not Entirely Wallet Friendly, But Certainly Worth It.

It seems the only bad word that individuals have about the The Nightforce SHV rifle scope is its price tag. As mentioned above they can often be picked up for in and around $1,000.00 respectively. Nevertheless the quality of the materials used, along with the precise tolerances, the undeniable skilled workmanship, and the necessity to be able to withstand a lifetime of recoil, robust environment and hardship make it completely impossible to manufacture a world-class rifle scope that comes with a very low price tag. Even so, there are still many shooters and enthusiastic who still believe that the SHV’s price tag is reasonable.

The Nightforce SHV rifle scope is an ideal choice for individuals who are wanting value that is built into a small package. While the popular Nightforce NSX series was originally manufactured for real combat use, it appears that the Nightforce SHV series is able to bring the exact same experience, quality and focus to us ordinary folk. It is certainly a step forward in the right director for the popular Nightforce brand, which has made their company and products far more accessible to those who may not be as financially flexible in order to afford their pricier scopes. Nevertheless, Nightforce is now offering this extraordinary feel, astonishing precision and traditionally built quality that is now embodied in an affordable and easily accessible package. Nightscape SHV will certainly be able to keep up with any situation and will be able to please most of the hunting and shooting crowd out there.