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Magpul Slings & Sling Mounts

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Slings allow for more comfortable transportation and sturdier fastening of the weapon onto the operator. During extended operations, operators will need to carry their gun in convenient positions, which still allow quick access and use of the firearm during emergencies. This is why weapon sling was created for after all. A good gun sling can make the difference between life and death in the field and should not be underestimated.

Slings also bring lots of trouble with them. They can get caught onto equipment and the surroundings, they can get entangled or only be very hard to use. Left and right handed operators might have difficulties with specific slings. A poorly chosen sling can be a real hassle and ruin a whole operation.

This is why Magpul has created a whole product line of extremely practical and operation efficient slings and sling mounts.
Often weapon does not have the correct mounts for the type of sling you need or want. This is why Magpul also offers sling mounts that can be adjusted merely onto Piccatiny rails and allow you to have the sling of your choice.

The materials used for the slings are solid and chaff resistant to avoid hurting the operator. They allow change from multiple firing positions into others without entanglement and can be easily adjusted with a single pull. They can be adjusted both at the front and back of your weapon with the use of the correct mount-sling combination. Look through our inventory to find the combination that will most suit your needs.

So get rid of your hard-to-use, thrice entangled sling and get one of Magpul's amazing new sling and sling mounts!