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About CRKT - Columbia River Knife & Tool
Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT), is a Tualatin manufacturer of tools, knifes and other accessories. They were founded in 1994 and are based in Oregon. CRKT declared its new product lineup in 2010.
The 2010 CRKT full-color catalogue is the biggest with a total of 92 pages. It's split into three sections: I.D. Works Tools, Sport & Work Knives, and For Those Who Serve Professional Knives & Tools.
I.D. Works Tools: This exciting line is still dedicated to multifunctional tools which are distinctively creative. The slogan is "Inspired Design works." We have added the award winning Flux modular tool system as well as the divine Eat'N Tool(TMark).
Work & Sport Knives: CRKT continues to "think outside the box" by seeking out new and distinctive layouts and mechanisms, and this is just when everybody in the business believes they've seen it all. As an example, the organization introduced the miniature McGinnis Shrimp, the Gekkota Pocket and Golf, the ExiTool, Ta-Pub Tool, Norfork Diver and Whitewater, and Klecker NIRK - all exciting and quite uncommon. At exactly the same time, they continues to expand their conventional knife versions, including Classic pocket knives, along with the Centofante Tribute, as well as the Delegate and Vertex lines.
Professional Knives & Tools: The CRKT "For Those Who Serve" line of professional knives has proven quite popular with operators in the area. CRKT added a smaller Hissatsu 2 Folder, the fully-featured Fire Spark tactical folder, as well as the Elishewitz Tao tactical pencil line.
More quality materials and very natural
CRKT is continuing to pin down the natural and high quality materials which are common in the top custom knives, including more knives with layered Micarta, stag G10, ram horn, and hardwoods like cocobolo, thuya root, ebony, burl and walnut
Cooperation with top designers
CRKT is likely famous for its K.I.S.S. show, the original money clip knives designed by Ed Halligan, and its M16 show, designed by Kit Carson. "These knives were pivotal to our success," says Bremer. "We understood them as successful custom layouts which deserved to be put into creation to reach a broader audience. We continue to seek cooperation with top custom knifemakers and brilliant young industrial designers, as it's good for us, great for them, and great for our clients."
Growing supply
CRKT knives can be found at any specialty stores, and Marine and Air Force exchange shops all over the world. The firm was set up on the belief that well-informed sales people continue to be useful in helping you choose the right knife for the job, providing guidance on caring and maintaining your knife. You can find their product on reputable purveyors websites.
All CRKT knives and tools are made with the most innovative equipment accessible, from starting to finish, and quality is always kept in check. Knives are constructed the way that they need to be constructed without compromising quality in any part of the whatsoever. CRKT accessories are crafted to the exact same standards as the knives, so that accessory lives up to the customers' high expectations.