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At the request of those in the emergency services field, CRKT have modified some of CRKT most successful designs for these rugged applications. Handles have scales of tough Zytel in high-visibility orange. CRKT have chosen tough blade steels to withstand abuse, and given them a polished finish to resist corrosion. On the Bear Claw E.R. and A.B.C. E.R., the Zytel scales can be removed with a Torx tool so the full-tang blades can be thoroughly cleaned after use in muddy or salt water. Finally, CRKT have priced them to be as affordable as possible.

Bear Claw E.R. This popular Russ Kommer design has a blunt tip and serrated edge, making it perfect for seat belt removal during emergency rescues and extrication from lines or nets in the water. A locking Zytel sheath has slots for carry on belts or webbing, plus a removable stainless steel clip.

M16-12Z E.R. This is the smaller Tanto-blade version of Kit Carson's very popular M16 Zytel line. The very strong blade grind, Combination Triple-Point Serrated edge and Carson Flipper make this a compact and versatile rescue folder. A stainless steel pocket/gear clip and CRKT exclusive patented* Auto- LAWKS automatic safety are standard.

M16-13Z E.R. This mid-size M16 with spear point blade is a perennial favorite, with all the trademark Kit Carson features. The Carson Flipper allows instant one-hand opening, and also acts as a blade guard when open. The Combination Triple-Point Serrated edge speeds cutting through cord and vegetation. A stainless steel pocket/gear clip and CRKT exclusive patented* AutoLAWKS automatic safety are also standard.

M16-14Z E.R. New this year is the "Big Dog" M16. At the request of rescue professionals, we've taken Kit Carson's popular M16-14 and added a seat belt cutter to the flipper and a tungsten carbide window breaker to the butt. Automobile side windows shatter with one quick whack from the butt of the knife. This hefty 6.2-ounce knife has a large 3.75"-long Triple-Point Combination Serrated Tanto blade that is able to tackle virtually any emergency task. If you're a rescue professional, CRKT think these knives are the best value available for daily duty carry.