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The Allen Elishewitz CRKT Tao Defensive Pen is top-notch and incredibly sleek. It is manufactured from 6061 aluminum and features a non-reflective surface which allows this pen appear futuristic and also stylish. The CRKT Tao Defensive Pen is hard anodized and also features a durable and pewter-toned pocket clip produced from stainless steel. As with many types of tactical pens, this one is incredibly reliable.

The 6061 aluminum construction makes this pen exceptionally lightweight. In fact, the overall weight of the pen’s cap is comparable to the weight of the actual pen, which is incredibly desirable as it allows for plenty of fluidity when writing. The cap features a threaded design which means the cap accidently come off.

The Tao model features the Fisher Space Pen ball point cartridge which features a structured and pressurized design which was originally developed by NASA. The CRKT Tao Defensive Pen also comes with a tungsten carbide ballpoint that features thixotropic ink. Thixotropic ink is most certainly unique as it allows the user to write during freezing cold temperatures and even underwater. The ink also allows the user to write at any type of angle or even upside down.

The CRKT Tao Defensive Pen was designed by the award-winning knife designer Allen Elishewitz and features a recognizable name within the realm of tactical weaponry (and pens!).

It’s no unfortunate secret than an unforeseeable attack can happen at any time which means it’s essential to be perceptive and also prepared for such an event. The Tao Defensive Pen adheres to three levels of defense. The first level of defense is the crown on the top of the pen’s cap, which can be used to strike down an attacker, either on the hands or head. The second level is the pointed butt of the defensive pen which can be used to agitate specific pressure points upon the attacker’s body. Lastly, the third level the very point of the pen can be used to damage or even penetrate soft tissues such as the chest, abdomen, throat or even the eye, in order to counter an attacker.