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Burris MTAC Riflescope

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Rigid Burris MTAC Riflescopes are strong, with excellent glass which is glare-proof as well as a smooth structure which is snag-free.
The solid models are ideal for 3-Gun, big-game stalking or close quarter battle. Also, superior-power models are best for tactical shooting of mid to long distance.

MTAC Riflescopes have top-performance glass, strong single piece tubes as well as interior two spring-tension assemblies and can withstand the most challenging shooting surroundings.
The warranty is long term.

Shared Features

  • Created for aggressive shooters, particularly fans of 3-Gun as well as game hunters who are dangerous.
  • Immense eye reprieve for easy shooting (up to 4 in.)
  • Ergonomic power ring facilitates effortless grip and fast power setting alterations.
  • MTAC mil-rad target knobs that can be changed using the finger, for simple accuracy changes.
  • Eyepiece is covered in rubber, providing safety, relief and is fashionable.
  • Superior-grade optical glass offers superb vividness and clarity with long-term durability.
  • Hi-Lume®multicoating which is index-matched assists in reduced-light output and removal of glare, raising your level of success.
  • Reticle which is lighted up helps you target quicker in any lighting surrounding and raises precision when target is dim.
  • Suitable for night-vision equipment.
  • Two interior spring-tension mechanism signifies that scope sustains zero via shock, vibrations and recoil.             
  • Waterproof
  • Accuracy-measured assemblies that are hand-fitted sustain a continuous area of form through the enlargement range, despite shock and vibration.
  • Long lasting, pressure-free, strong single piece exterior tube is resistant to shock and vibrations of recoiling calibers; even the most bulky.
  • Body tube of 30mm
  • Burris Forever WarrantyTM guarantees it.