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AP Industries is exceptionally well known for being the brains behind the development and manufacturing process of the increasingly popular AP Custom line of products. The AP Custom line of products has been specifically designed in order to provide the shooting and hunting enthusiasts with some of the very best in high-quality gear and most innovative, products available on today’s market. We take pride in the fact that AP Custom Products have been proven in the competitive arena and put into service by top Law Enforcement and Government Agencies across the country.

AP Products have been uniquely and specifically manufactured within the United States, by US residents and workers, from US produced components and parts, on US produced equipment. AP Industries have always made it exceptionally well know as to how strongly they feel about their continuous commitment in order to support the US economy and have always appreciated that their customers have continued to do the same. AP Industries have always been proud to be a significant and strong part of within the gun culture of the United States, and there’s plenty of good reason as to why.

With a whole range of custom handguards readily available from AP Industries, the Tactical Rhino Series has certainly been an innovative game changer in the world of firearms. Their octagonal shape teamed with a KeyMod rail mounting system has been designed specifically to allow for rapid configuration of a whole host of AR weapon platforms. KeyMod rails have become exceptionally popular and are considered all the rage these days for many great reasons, such as their versatility, sturdy, robust, and lightweight build and construction. The overall ability to effortlessly change and even reconfigure your firearm’s handguard accessories is fundamental for shooters and hunters who want or must switch between several purposes in just one firearm. The system is also exceptionally helpful when it comes to adding new accessories as and when they become available.

AP Custom carbon fiber handguardr free-float which all share all the very same benefits and features of the Standard Rhino Series AR-15 handguard, with the extra addition of being equipped with an incredibly useful, full-length Picatinny rail which is permanently attached. The handguards come in a range of lengths started from 7 inches to 14 inches respectively.

By utilising AP customs handguards you can effortlessly reduce the overall weight of your firearm. This is because the free float tubes have been specifically designed and machined from the very best of cross-woven Carbon Fiber available, which makes them exceptionally light, yet also exceptionally durable, thus reducing the overall weight of your firearm while also maintaining a fantastic level of both rigidity and strength. The vents featured on the handguards not only to allow for rapid heat dispersion but they also act as attachment points for your Picatinny Rail.

The much thicker wall section of the AP customs handguards make the products incredibly rigid and provide your firearm with a solid base that is required for precision accuracy. The uniquely shaped octagonal design allows for a flat surface which is ideal for bracing from a supported position.