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Trijicon AccuPower

Trijicon AccuPower

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There is certainly no denying that Trijicon is considerably well known for providing exceptionally high-quality products to both civilian shooters, military and law enforcement. They have done such an incredible job; they even offer Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ to both military, law enforcement, shooters, and hunters across the United States and afar. New for 2015, Trijicon has continued with their outstanding product innovation with the introduction of their AccuPower riflescope line. From hunting to long-range competition, you can expect the AccuPower riflescope series to be a fantastic piece of equipment.

The AccuPower line features bespoke anti-reflective multi-coated lenses that also come with an adjustable reticle brightness settings. These eleven different brightness settings also feature a useful “Off” feature between each brightness setting, which is ideal for turning off the scope without needing to cycle through the brightness settings to the ‘Off’ position. All of the units in the AccuPower line from Trijicon are powered off a single regular CR2031 lithium battery, which helps to keep the scopes lightweight. What’s more, is that CR2031 lithium batteries are also widely available and most importantly, affordable to purchase. Using the CR2031 lithium battery, Trijicon lists 31+ hours of battery life for each of their optics with the scope’s reticle running at maximum brightness.

There are no doubt an abundance of shooters who have been wondering how the new AccuPower series compares with the Trijicon’s established AccuPoint scopes. One of the primary key differences is the significantly reduced price, which indeed is welcome sight since price tags on the much higher-end AccuPoints can be in the range of around $800 before hitting the thousand mark. The high price tag is partly due to the scopes unique illumination feature, which is being powered by dual-powered by fiber-optics and even a revolutionary tritium insert.

The AccuPower series has been designed to incorporate a visually appealing hybrid black chrome/etch and has been filled with an illuminated reticle system which is available in either red or green (entirely down to your personal preference). Four reticle choices are also available for the AccuPower series, Duplex crosshair, MIL-square reticle, MOA reticle, and a Segmented Circle crosshair which all feature BDC capabilities. All reticles in the AccuPower series are located in the second focal plane; this means that the reticle size and its appearance remain the same (constant) as you begin to increase the magnification. This helps to provide you with a more exact and accurate aiming point at higher levels of magnification and thus should be faster to use during low light situations or low lit conditions.

The Trijicon scopes within the AccuPower series are exceptionally durable, as you would expect from any Trijicon product, and are specifically housed in all-weather, aircraft-grade aluminum. The scopes are also waterproof up to a generous 10 feet and are filled with revolutionary dry-nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging on your optic. With all of this revolutionary technology and unrivaled build at your very fingertips, it isn’t difficult to see why Trijicon has become world-renowned for their exceptional, innovative, and advanced fiber-optics and continue to provide some of the most advanced sights and riflescopes for both sporting and tactical applications in today’s market.