McNett Camo Form Self-Cling Camouflage Wrap - SNOW

McNett Camo Form Self-Cling Camouflage Wrap - SNOW

McNett Camo Form Self-Cling Camo Wrap - Snow

No-Residue Camo Fabric Wrap Conceals and Protects Firearms and Gear

With Camo Form you can conceal guns, make your gear stealthy and silent and protect even your finest firearms from scratches and dings. Camo Form is the only camo wrap to use on guns, scopes, bows, knives, cameras, binoculars-whatever you're taking into the field.

Camo Form is easy to use and leaves no sticky residue, so your gun stays clean. It stretches and sticks to itself, and conforms to any shape for a custom fit. When it gets wet, simply remove, let dry and reapply. If Camo Form gets dirty, just wash, air dry and reapply.

No matter where you're going-grassy wetlands or desert sands, autumn forest or snowy woods-our 14 camouflage patterns have you-and your gun-covered.

So don't leave your favorite guns behind. Protect them with versatile Camo Form and start enjoying them again.


(average out of 201 votes: 3.4 stars)
MSP Code: MCN-19716-SNW
UPC Code: 21563197167
Price: $12.49

(average out of 201 votes: 3.4 stars)

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