MAGPUL MIAD AR10/SR25 Grip Wedge

MAGPUL MIAD AR10/SR25 Grip Wedge

MAGPUL MIAD AR10/SR25 Grip Wedge, Black

The MIAD Grip Wedge is designed to supplement the Magpul MIAD grip system for AR10/SR25 7.62 NATO type applications.

Flexible thermoplastic elastomer construction provides the proper rear take-down pin detent spring support and conforms to the larger receiver geometry of these weapons for a streamlined appearance.

Made in U.S.A.

  • Fits most 7.62 NATO AR-type applications
  • Provides streamlined appearance for B2 and B3 back-strap configurations
  • Made from a durable, black thermoplastic elastomer
  • NOT compatible with Magpul MOE grips


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MSP Code: MAG-065-BLK
UPC Code: 873750000671
Price: $3.75

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(average out of 180 votes: 3.0 stars)

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