A.R.M.S. #4 FN FAL Mount Paratrooper Model

A.R.M.S. #4 FN FAL Mount Paratrooper Model

A.R.M.S. #4 FN FAL Mount Paratrooper Model

The A.R.M.S. FN FAL standard and paratrooper are precision machined to military specifications. This mount replaces the existing dust cover and offers the user a rigid mounting base with NATO standard weaver rail and picatinny rails. This mount with fit L1A1 and FAL rifles. Manufactured from aluminum extrusions with steel attachment rails riveted in place. The exceptional rigid alloy body provides a rock solid platform for even the largest optics.
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Customer Reviews

I keep getting more paratrooper FALs and keep getting/needing more of these mounts. This is my third. I really like the ARMS #4 mount. Both of my other mounts have been solid performers. The mount returns to the same position no matter how many times I have removed/replaced it. The POA vs POI doesn't change a bit. They are very light weight compared to the DSA model and are MUCH easier to remove/replace than the DSA as well. I am somewhat concerned about the amount of play between the rails and the aluminum body on this latest mount. Seems that the rivets were not as evenly squished in their holes. There is a bit of slop when it isn't on the rifle. We will have to see if this leads to a loss of RTZ in the future.

I've had this mount for approximately ten years and found it to be very well made. The only con is that the bolt carrier hits the recoil spring guide rivet until you've fired it enough to wear that down, then it works as nature intended. That took about 80 rounds to accomplish.

I will continue to buy this everytime I put a Picatinny Rail on a FAL-there isn't any better. But everytime I do I'll ask the question "why can't these guys work out the tab that keeps the bolt carrier in the upper?" It's so close to perfection -ARMS! Finish the engineering on what is otherwise a great product.

I've used this mount for a number of years. It's first class quality and solid construction is without question. There is a big "however". This mount does not enable bolt removal without taking the unit completely off the rifle. That means routine cleaning of the bolt group isn't easy and is likely to be overlooked. Until that is corrected, I cannot recommend this otherwise well made dust cover replacement mount.

This mount is very well built and fits well. If your looking for the best then this is it.

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(average out of 252 votes: 3.2 stars)

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