Aim Sports AR15/M4 Combo Wrench Tool (PJTW3)

Aim Sports AR15/M4 Combo Wrench Tool (PJTW3)

Aim Sports AR15/M4 Combo Wrench Tool (PJTW3)

AR15/M4 stock combo wrench heavy duty multi tool

  • length: 12.5"
  • weight (oz): 21
  • features: car stock w/3 point castle nut/locking ring finish: all steel construction
(average out of 219 votes: 3.3 stars)

Customer Reviews

I put this on my Sar-1 and fits perfectly. Very easy to assemble took me around an hour. Although it's mostly plastic it is very durable. The adjustable swingin. Stock is by far the best feature of the kit. I am 6'8" and have abnormally long arms and I only have the stock on position 3 or 4. The pistol grip is very comfortable and way better the the stock grip. Love it and would recommend it to a friend. Make sure you take advantage of the 10% off code they have almost everyday. Looking to get a flashlight red dot and vertical grip next. A+

Received this to replace an NcStar tool which broke the first time I tried to use it to remove the castle nut on my lower reciever/stock. This tool seems in spec for the castle nut wrenches and free float barrel pins. The flash hider tool is just a touch loose but that's fine, I'll probably use a proper wrench on that anyways. I'm more pleased with MountsPlus customer service in replacing the broken tool than in the tool itself. Would only recommend it over the NcStar, may be a better idea to shell out the money for a name brand somewhere.

I am tired of buying chinese stuff. I will pay more for items that say Made in the USA but they are hard to find. PLEASE start offering USA goods! Had I known this was made in china I would have looked elsewhere.

MSP Code: 136-AIMS-PJTW3
Price: $25.00

(average out of 219 votes: 3.3 stars)

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