Magpul MBUS PRO Front Sight

The new MBUS Pro back-up is a quality all steel corrosion resistant back-up sighting device. This top-notch back-up sighting device often delivers maximum functionality and strength and is only slightly bulky. The amazing thing with the MBUS pro back-up device is that it comes at an amazingly fair price with its great features. The device also made for durability and is versatile compared to devices of its range. This gadget makes it possible for adjustments to be made without the use of any tools. The device is sleek and slim in design featuring a standard AR height. For those with a railed gas block the front sight is a great option for them. The best thing with this MBUS pro back-up sighting device is that it can be mounted on any 1913/STANAG rail. The rear sight is 1.8 oz and the front sight is 1.5 oz. The front sight features dual apertures on its back. The serrations around the rear aperture and on the sides of the front sight reduce the possibility of glare impacting your sight picture especially when shooting in very bright sunlight. The device also features very easy installation as you can install them on any Picatinny rail.

The device is now great and strong as it is now made of steel with the front one costing something in the region of $ 84.95 while the rear costing about 104.95. Its narrow width provides compatibility with most IR aiming lasers and light installations for any professional user. This device also features an elevation adjustment knob a feature that makes it easy for users not to use any tool on it. It also provides a 432” height above rail at tallest point when stowed. Its stowed footprint also covers less than 1 5/8’’ of rail.

Magpul MBUS PRO Rear Sight

The rear MBUS sight also features all steel construction just like the front sight. This means that it is also durable and strong as well. It also features a 375” height above rail at mid point when stowed. It also has a windage adjustable with low profile knob. The rear MBUS sight also features a standard AR sight height when in use. It offers variety of large and small plane apertures. Its narrow front width provides compatibility with most IR aiming lasers and light installations for professional users. The new MBUS Pro rear sight all-steel back up sighting device will also deliver maximum functionality and strength with minimum bulk at a price that is way smaller than its actual size.  Its dual aperture, windage adjustable rear and no-tool, elevation adjustable front performs well in all 1913 Picatinny rail mountings applications, including rail-height gas blocks. This new all steel back-up corrosion resistant sighting device provides durability and convenience. It is Magpul’s new all steel sighting devices that is different from the previous ones that they used to make with plastics that did not last long. It also features a sleek and thin design that makes it the preferred choice for professionals.


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