The Magpul CTR MIL-SPEC Carbine Buttstock – An Analysis

Magpul CTR

As many would agree, Magpul products are always high on innovation, durability and reliability. Magpul Industries is capable of producing best value products that usually serve as perfect solutions for most of the universal issues weapons enthusiasts face. It is for this very reason that other weapons manufacturers like Colt, Smith & Wesson and the like have brought out AR-15 models that include original equipments, furniture and sights from Magpul.

For those looking to enhance their AR-15 with a MIL SPEC sized receiver, the Magpul CTR or Compact / Restricted Type MIL SPEC Buttstock is a great choice for an upgrade (CTR does not work with commercial spec sized receiver extension tube).

Magpul CTR SaleWhat you can look forward to

  • Weight: The CTR has an A frame profile, similar to that of the Magpul Original Equipment which serves to diminish the bulk of your weapon. As a result of this design, the CTR Buttstock has a weight of only 0.55 pounds.
  • Length: The overall length of the CTR is about 6.90 inches.
  • Release Latch and Lock System: Adjustment and regulation of the stock is made easy by a release latch which can be pressed to arrive at a secure and comfortable position. With the aid of a spring made of chrome silicon, the latch secures the stock in place to prevent it from caving in to another position. The friction lock system provides a secure and stable base to ensure that the stock does not quiver regardless of the amount and kind of use.
  • ButtPad: The detachable buttpad is about 0.30 inches and pretty understated and easy to use. Since it is not a heavy piece, it certainly does not create any sort of obstruction and also does not slide away from your shoulder.
  • Compatibility: The Magpul CTR stock comes with sling mounts and is flexible for use with the Magpul Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point or ASAP receiver mount sling attachments.
  • The CTR can be mounted on MIL SPEC sized Carbine receiver extension tube manufactured by a Colt, Smith & Wesson, Armalite, LMT and many more.
  • The Chrome Silicon lock spring elongates its service life and also secures the stock in place.
  • The release latch eliminates chances of collapse and also thwarts difficulties in regulation and operation.
  • The slender and inclined cheek weld ensures ease of use.
  • To ensure addition of optional cheek risers for non AR-15 and M16 rifles, side mounting slots have been included.
  • The 0.30 inches rubber buttpad is detachable and is equipped with anti-slip surface to enhance impact shielding capabilities.
  • The CTR comes with Sling mounts and works well with the Magpul ASAP and other receiver mount sling attachments.
  • The CTR weighs about 0.55 lb and has a Weight, w/ Rec. Extension of about 0.80 lb.
  • It is about 6.90 inches long with an LOP adjustment range of 3.25 inches.
  • Its LOP, M4 Collapsed is about 10.70 and LOP, M4 Extended is about 13.95 inches.

Dimensions and Characteristics – An Outline

The product is manufactured in the United States and is controlled by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) because of its short stock length. Hence it is illegal to export the product without a valid licence.


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