TAPCO G2 Double Hook AK-47 Trigger

Arguably one of the best upgrades that can be made to the AK-47, the TAPCO G2 Double Hook Trigger helps correct one of the biggest issues with the weapon. Of the relatively few complaints made about the AK-47, the weak or sloppy trigger is one of them. In some cases the trigger required 10 pounds of pull before the round was fired. In addition, many of the imported semi-auto versions from Com-Block had humps on the rear of the dis-connectors which created a bad “slap” of the trigger mechanism.
Installing the TAPCO G2 trigger on the Romanian SAR-1 version of the AK-47 is relatively straightforward and applies to most imports of the weapon itself, including those that were made in the former country of Yugoslavia. The G2 trigger fits milled and stamped receivers, although it will take someone with gunsmith skills to install the trigger itself.

Installing the TAPCO G2 Trigger

Installing the trigger will require a licensed gunsmith, so the following instructions are only to be used by qualified gunsmiths.

1) Be sure that the AK-47 is not loaded and cleared before disassembling the weapon.

2) Check the individual components to see if any grinding or filing is needed, starting with the trigger.

3) The Romanian SAR-1 has a single-hook trigger, so the receiver has one notch for the trigger hook. Create a matching notch on the other side of the trigger slot. Go slow and let the grinding work for you.

4) Test fit the new trigger and file down any obstacles that get in the way of a smooth fit. Frequent test fits and small changes are the norm.

5) Once the new trigger has been fitted into the AK-47, re-assemble the weapon and check out the action. You will want to dry fire it several times and cycle the action as well. This is to ensure reliability and functionality in the weapon itself.

You will need to work out any issues that arise with the trigger. One that is cited is having the hooks not grabbing properly into the notches which will require disassembling the weapon and resetting. Installing a new trigger can be a time consuming effort, but the results are certainly worthwhile as the smooth trigger action from the TAPCO G2 really comes into its own.

Once properly installed and the rifle reassembled, the trigger action should work flawlessly as it replaces the heavy pull with a clean, crisp one that feels just right. The action of the AK-47 should cycle well and the accuracy should improve considerably because there is now far less pull on the trigger.

For those who are tired of the sluggish pull of the standard AK-47 trigger, there is the new TAPCO G2 Double Hook trigger design that provides the right amount of pull needed to ensure greater accuracy and an easier time with handling the trigger. Remember however that you will need a professional gunsmith to install the new G2 trigger to ensure it is installed and works properly for your needs.


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