Tactical Optics from Wolf Ammunition

Wolf Ammunition has started offering optics in its product lineup. You heard me right—Wolf Ammunition, known for economical steel-case ammunition, is now offering a lineup of night vision devices and daylight optics along with its already well-known ammunition.

In order to pull this feat off, Wolf has teamed up with Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant (NPZ), based out of Russia. This optics company, founded in 1905, is pretty well known for producing both military optics and commercial optic products. NPZ is a very big name in the optics business, and for good reason.

To start off, Wolf is going to be offering four night-vision optics: PN21K, PN22K, PN23, and the PNN14M. These will be Generation 2+ or Generation 3 devices, as far as performance goes. On top of those night-vision optics, Wolf will offer a 1-4x32mm rifle scope called the PSU, and plans to offer more day optics in the future.

The PN21K is a very versatile night-vision monocular, available with either a Generation 2+ or Generation 3 image intensifier. It has a wide 36-degree field of view, and is auto-gated to keep the device from suffering intensifier damage if it gets exposed to intense light. Power requirements are miniscule, requiring only a single 1.5-volt AA battery.

The PN21K is waterproof, and has a removable objective lense, a soft rubber eyecup, and an IR illuminator. Weighing in at just 10 ounces, it can be head mounted or helment mounted, so you can use it comfortably hands-free. When you’ve got the scope head or helmet mounted, it can flip up and out of the way when you don’t need it. Optional accessories include higher power 3X and 5X lenses, and you can join two PN21Ks together to form a binocular.

As for the PN22K, this is a very cool design combining the essentials of a day optic and a night vision device into a single professional-grade sighting system. Two parallel channels are user-selectable by rotating a knob to set the device up for either night vision or day vision. This way, you can use the same optic for both daylight and nighttime purposes.

The PN22K sports a 3X magnification with either a Generation 2+ or Generation 3 image intensifier tube, and it incorporates an IR illuminator powered by a single 1.5-volt AA battery. This puppy is shock resistant and able to handle the recoil of .30-06-level cartridges. The scope is 12.6 inches long, weighs 45.9 ounces, and boasts recognition range of out to 450 meters with the Generation 3 intensifier.

Next up is the PN23, a dedicated night-vision sight. It’s small and lightweight, just 8.2 inches long and 23 ounces in weight. The Generation 3 image intensifier tube provides recognition out to 400 meters, and the device provides 3X magnification. The illuminated reticle will give you both speed and precision, and the scope is easy to zero in with 10 mils of adjustment.

The PN23 requires a single 1.5-volt AA battery, and provides you with an IR illuminator for total darkness. You can mount it easily onto a 1913 rail, for the ultimate in compatibility with your rifles.

The final night vision device is thePNN14M, a single-tube night-vision goggle available with either a Generation 2+ or a Generation 3 auto-gated image intensifier. It’s stylish-looking and comfortable to wear, and provides a wide 36-degree field of view with a 1X objective lens. For durability, the PNN14M is waterproof and comes with a removable objective lense and soft rubber eyecups. The goggle weighs in at just 15 ounces, and is powered by a single 1.5-volt AA battery.

Finally, we come to the single day optic offering, the PSU rifle scope. This scope is built tough enough for a Kalashikov, but elegant enough to be at home on an AR-15. This is a compact scope, and switches from 1X to 4X with the simple flip of a lever. At 1X magnification, the PSU gives a 26-degree field of view for rapid both-eyes-open sighting and target engagement, just like a reflex sight.

When you flip the switch to 4X, the illuminated bullet-drop-compensating reticle shows up along with a telemetric rangefinder. This allows hits at medium distances, and the BDC gives ballistic compensation out to 800 meters. The rangefinder allows ranging out to 800 meters, as well. This optic is only 7.4 inches long, and weighs a mere 24 ounces, including the quick-detach mount.

This starting lineup might be small, but Wolf says they have more going on behind closed doors and plan to have more models on the way soon. It will be interesting to see how this all shapes out.


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