Ruger SR-762 Test

Designed to compete with AR-15 .223 caliber rifles, Ruger’s SR-762 is certainly trying to fill a tall order with its latest entry. This version was created to have the range and power of such rifles, but be superior in terms of how it handles and the versatility of its uses. The two stage piston system is the platform for this rifle and the subsequent tests proved just how valuable this particular system would be.

The Ruger Piston System

The piston itself contains two separate heads each with its own diameter. The smaller one works with the gas regulator so that any gas that bleeds into the compartment is sealed off by the smaller head. The pressure that grows forces the piston back which in turn applies pressure to the larger piston head. This two-stage system creates a controlled environment which results in a lessening of the recoil and an overall smoother experience when utilizing the weapon. Compared to the .308 in which the gas is directed back into the stock and hits the shooter, the two piston system is quite superior.

AR-15 Accessories

The Gas Regulator

The four position gas regulator may look a bit flimsy, but the truth is that it worked beautifully when in operation. Using three gas ports of increasing size, it determines just how much gas is siphoned off during the firing of the weapon. The positions range from “0” to “4” and increase in size along the way. The position of the regulator can be adjusted depending on the type and power of the ammo that is being fired.

The SR-762 was designed to be lightweight, all-purpose rifle that would use a wide variety of ar-15 accessories. The effect would be that it would meet the needs of all types of shooters, including hunters and for home defense. The 16” fluted barrel is lined with chrome and is quite functional and well suited for its task. You can use many different flash hiders thanks to the 5/8” -24 threat at the end of the muzzle so you can customize to your desire.

The handguard surround the barrel and is very lightweight thanks to the numerous cutouts. It can accept Picatinny rail sections or rail covers which are finger-grooved. There is a rail that covers the top of the handguard and the upper receiver as well with screw-on segments so you can add optics and other devices. In addition, there are flip-up iron sights as well in case you don’t want to use a scope.

The SR-762 features a bolt assembly that is similar to an AR, but can accommodate the 7.62x51mm NATO round. The components are all chrome plated which makes the entire cycling process even smoother. In addition, Ruger has created the buffer tube to be nearly the same dimensions as the rear diameter of the bolt carrier. This means that the bolt carrier will not rub against surfaces that it was not designed.

While the SR-762 does not feature anything really new or remarkable, it does have a lot of versatility. There are many components that will fit the rifle easily, including many stocks, grips, safeties, triggers and so forth. Whatever can be used for the 5.56AR should also fit the SR-762 as well. Currently, the SR-762 uses an AR-15 stock with six positions along with a Monogrip pistol grip by Hogue. There are three 20 round magazines that are included with the rifle as well.

The Testing Process

The SR-762 was tested at ranges from 25 yards up to 1,000 yards in different types of weather conditions and even having to deal with strong winds at times. The overall result was the under the different types of conditions that were seen, the SR-762 performed quite well. This included shooting from prone, sitting and standing positions. The 6 pound trigger pull was just right and offered the best type of overall performance that one expects from this type of weapon. Furthermore, the rifle manages to travel well also. Over hills and through the woods, the SR-762 is easy to carry while resisting the foliage and holding up time and again. This also included when riding between target areas as the bumps of the road did nothing to jar the sights, accuracy or performance of the rifle itself.

After all the roughhousing that the rifle had to endure while travelling, it still managed to group shots well at 100 yards. As the distances increased, the challenges to keep the rifle accurate also went up, but the SR-762 performed admirably. In fact, even at 800 yards which is real challenge to weapons of this design, it still managed to hit the target with more than reasonable accuracy.

These evaluations on the range session were also conducted with another rifle of a different make that was similar in caliber and overall size to the SR-762. Unfortunately, the heavier trigger pull meant that its accuracy was not nearly as good. The comparison was still a good one however to demonstrate the differing conditions and overall quality of the test itself. However, it must be noted that the comparison rifle did perform decently well in different circumstances, although it did depend on the manufacture of the ammunition in certain cases. All in all, it was a fair test and proved that the SR-762 is definitely a rifle at the top of its class.

Overall, the SR-762 proved to be one of the best overall, all purpose rifles that Ruger has ever developed. The performances under different weather conditions and environments proved that this weapon was one of the best in recent years for its caliber and design. Plus, the dual piston design meant that even after a full day of shooting there was not a sore shoulder to be had. All things considered this is quite remarkable that such as weapon could perform as well as the SR-762 in all types of conditions. For those who are looking at having an accurate weapon for hunting, target shooting and home defense, there are few that have the versatility of the SR-762.



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