Omni Hybrid AR-15 Pistol

One of the more interesting developments from American Tactical (ATI) is the development of their new Omni-Hybrid AR-15 Pistol. This is a compact weapon that offers the firepower of a standard AR-15, but it can be kept in much smaller places. For those who enjoy target shooting or just want to have a powerful weapon that can be kept in tight places, this is the one for you.

This particular pistol is fashioned around a hybrid lower receiver. The cast zinc metal insert lies at the core of the receiver which helps to reinforce the rear section and the buffer tower where most of the stress will occur.
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For the rest of the receiver, it is construction from a composite polymer that is reinforced by fiberglass that offers flexibility and is lightweight as well. This means that the forces which would normally crack a traditional alloy receiver will be shrugged off by this composite blend of materials. Because the polymer is reinforced and has metal where it is needed, it can resist the bumps, impacts and stresses that would crack a normal polymer blend.

The Omni-Hybrid Pistol features a 7” barrel and buffer tube of the same length. There is also a free-floating quad railed handguard that ends at the flash hider of the weapon. In fact, the buffer tube is well suited for the SIG SB-15 Arm Brace as well.

This particular pistol however still packs quite a punch for its relatively compact size. Using 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington ammunition this Omni-Hybrid is built for durability and long-lasting use. Thanks to its compactness and use of polymers, the pistol only weighs 4.75 lbs. which makes it quite manageable to use on the firing range or for home protection if it is needed.

ATI has set the price for this particular pistol at $599 which may be sold at retail stores and online at a somewhat lower price which makes it a very attractive weapon for purchase. This means that the gun enthusiasts or target shooter will find the price range and features quite attractive with this weapon.

In addition, ATI features the Omni-Hybrid AR-15 carbine as well, which also uses either 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington rounds. In addition, the .22 Long Rifle round are suited for this weapon as well. There are also kits for the carbine that include two dedicated uppers for each type at a low, affordable price.

From a marketing standpoint, ATI is trying to reach the rifle enthusiast with their Omni-Hybrid AR-15 Pistol. The unique design and low price are two attractive features which ATI hopes to tap into a new customer base with this weapon.

Although it cannot be used with the standard variety forward grips, it can be fitted with an angled fore-grip with little difficulty. The lightweight design that uses polymer materials which are reinforced will certainly be a very attractive feature for those who enjoy shooting on the range and wanting a unique weapon for their collection as well.



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