Nightforce NXS 12-42x56mm and NXS 8-32x56mm Riflescopes – Durable and handy

The Nightforce NXS 8-32×56 and 12-42×56 from Nightforce are durable, handy and highly dependable additions especially to those weapons used in tactical operations and competition shooting. The NXS 12-42×56 is an upgrade to Nightforce 8-32×56 and both rifle scopes are quite bulky as they weigh about 34 ounces and are 16.125 (30mm main tube and a 56mm objective lens) and 15.9 inches long respectively. This includes the sunshade that is appended to every scope. Despite the bulk, the scopes are quite handy and easy to use with sizeable windage and height adjustment knobs and a parallax correction knob on the side.

As the names indicate, the two scopes differ in magnification but are equivalent on quality and performance. Further modifications include the level of internal regulation for height and windage. The upgraded version is low on adjustment but that issue is offset by the 20 MOA mount rail.

Quality Assurance tests

Nightforce subjects it scopes to rigorous Quality Assurance testing which involves 75 different steps. The technical team does not compromise on the quality of the scopes as the QA includes side impact tests at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock while maintaining 1/8 MOA or less track out within 40 minutes of vertical adjustment.  Only those scopes that clear these harsh tests and meet all quality standards are given a go.


  • Durability and Dependability: Regardless of the conditions they are used in, the scopes are hard wearing, long lasting and highly dependable. No matter the kind of use and treatment, the scopes show a high level of precision and accuracy in operation.
  • Build and Make: The tubes of both scopes are relatively thicker when compared to other scopes are constructed from bar stock of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This essentially means that the internal components are well protected from the wear and tear due to heat and shock. With tolerances of .000005, all air to glass surfaces is highly reliable under extreme light conditions.
  • Resolution: Nightforce subjects all its scopes to optical indexing to ensure maximum performance, accuracy and best resolution at all times.  The optical glass used is of excellent quality and Nightforce measures resolution in seconds of degrees to ensure only those scopes with best and detailed magnification potential are produced.
  • Specifications and Dimensions: The scopes have a magnification of 12-42x and 8-32x with an objective lens of 56mm.  The Ocular lens measures 36mm and the main tube has a diameter of 30mm. Both scopes weigh about 34 ounces and 12-42x has a total length of 16.1 inches while 8-32x has a length of 15.9 inches. The scopes have an eye relief of 3.8” and click value of 25 MOA.
  • Adjustments: The 12-42x has an elevation adjustment of 45 MOA and windage adjustment of 35 MOA. The 8-32x has an elevation adjustment of 65 MOA and windage adjustment of 45 MOA.
  • Reticles: The scopes have NP reticles, CH-1, 2 and 3, MLR and Mil-Dot. The type of reticle depends completely on a shooter’s personal choice. The reticle is impressed on compound optical glass to ensure clarity in FOV even at the highest level of magnification. The reticles are also equipped with an illumination source that can be regulated in accordance with surrounding conditions and personal needs.
  • Cartridge: If you are looking for an affordable option, a 6mmBR cartridge works well as the barrel holds fine for 2000 to 3000 rounds while the 6.5mmx284 might require replacement at 1000 to 1200 rounds. Due to the wind effect on 6mmBR, the 6.5mm-284 Norma with 140 or 142 grain bullet remains one of the most sought after by shooters.

Mounting the scope

A scope like NXS deserves to be used with a weapon of equal quality. Using Nightforce’s scopes with weapons that are less rugged and less reliable will not serve the purpose. Most users tend to mount the scopes themselves. Though it is gratifying to do so, it is sensible to resort to professional help for mounting the scopes. The major reason being competition scopes require greater precision and accuracy in alignment and only a perfectly mounted scope will ensure superior performance. With a scope like Nightforce’s NXS, it is impossible to not obtain high performance. If problems do arise, they are probably due to gaffes in alignment and improper mounting rather than equipment issues.

Nightforce scopes can be subjected to the harshest of treatments and still not go down on performance. Its durability and reliability makes it one of the most popular scopes among the Special Forces Team. It is well known that the quality and performance of these gears make a huge difference in operations in the free world. The survival of many depends on the reliability factor of these equipments. It is this high level of dependability that makes Nightforce scopes a permanent resident in the arsenal of soldiers.

There might be other scopes in the market with similar specifications but Nightforce’s scopes are much less expensive. Add to that the rapid height and windage adjustment potential, its hard wearing nature and consistency in performance in a variety of conditions, the NXS is certainly the best deal for competition shooting.


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