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About  Magpul

Magpul was established in 1999 with the aim of creating a basic device to support in the control of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. The company’s name originates from this unique item called the Magpul®. In the course of the most recent decade Magpul has kept on growing using the same mission and procedure with a concentrate on advancement, effortlessness, and productivity.

To understand Magpul, one must first understand the root ideas that form the foundation of our company culture and design philosophy. These core principles have allowed us to maintain a course true to our original mission, and help explain how and why we do the things we do.

Ideas are the simple part.
There is something to be said for incredible ideas, on the other hand, ideas are simply dreams until they are acknowledged in a form that is available to the commercial market. Magpul is known for its imaginative design arrangements, and we are glad for our achievements in this enclosure in light of the fact that they are novel, as well as on the grounds that we have effectively transformed a dream we had always wanted into reality.

Simple is hard, hard is simple.
Unnecessary multifaceted nature and lavish development are the signs of average outline. It is quite often less demanding to plan an item that is confused, befuddling, and costly as opposed to basic, instinctive, and reasonable. Despite the fact that it is more troublesome, Magpul has decided to take the last of these two methodologies to product improvement.

From the onset of each undertaking, Magpul utilizes a rundown of mission-driven necessities to manage outline, material development, and assembling systems that will be most proficient without yielding quality or execution. The objective of the outline itself is to be both basic and natural. By fusing ergonomic contemplations, a fitting client interface, and inconspicuous visual and material peculiarities, the item itself ought to really teach the client about its operation and capacity. Albeit each Magpul item accompanies clear, brief establishment and use guidelines, our point is to design items so simple that directions get to be unnecessary.

Fail smart, fail often.
There is much to be gained from failure: material properties, product idea, user interface issues, and so forth. The potential information to be picked up from an awful idea or failed execution is practically unending. Just by pushing the cutoff points of configuration, materials, and assembling procedures through a procedure of experimentation we discover genuine advancement. That said, failure for its own particular purpose is stupid, and it is essential to take in however much as could be expected from existing failures so as not to endeavor to reevaluate the square. This is the importance behind “fail smart.”

Build what they need, not what they want.
As an issue, end users are for the most part not designers, and are hence constrained to portraying their needs in terms they know and get it. In spite of the fact that end user input is important to the design process, Magpul never manufactured a product on the premise of straightforward business sector reviews. Rather, we contemplate the expected mission, focus the gear ability hole, and create an answer focused around an unmistakably characterized set of execution based necessities. While the deciding result will in all likelihood not be what the client had imagined, it will all the more successfully address the needs and execution capacities they are regularly not able to plainly understandable or perceive from an item advancement point of view.

Mission manages function, and function directs design
Magpul builds for this present reality, so everything is manufactured to fill a specific mission, and is composed around a remarkable set of expense, execution, and course of events contemplations. The styling of a product takes after these mission-driven parameters, and ties the practical piece into a design that can be productively created.

Advance or pass on
In the commercial center of thoughts, advancement is survival. Faultless protected innovation is advantageous, yet we should consistently adjust our method for speculation to meet the requests of an element commercial market.

Benefits are not evil
We are humbled at whatever point somebody uses their well-deserved cash to purchase our product. There products range from minimal effort basic applications, to high-cost particular design, yet by valuing our product in immediate connection to material advancement costs, they all give worth to the cost. Magpul’s perspective on benefits (and cash as a rule) is summed up in the accompanying quote by Ayn Rand (Francisco’s Money Speech, Atlas Shrugged): “Money is the material shape of the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by trade and give value for value.”

Be forceful enough, rapidly enough
The achievement of even the best items is dependent upon both timing and conveyance. Getting a decent plan to market rapidly and with enough drive to take care of customer demand is the contrast between essentially earning back the original investment or mastery in the marketplace.

No wine before now is the right time
In spite of the fact that to some degree conflicting to the past proclamation, one must perceive that it is difficult to keep away from “Murphy,” and a few items will simply need to hold up in the event that they can’t meet the quality principles we have set for ourselves.

The best form of marketing is marketing
We frequently get told that Magpul has smooth marketing. This dependably makes us smile in light of the fact that Magpul has never used a marketing office for our print advertisements or advertising materials. Everything is carried out in house. Our “secret” to viable publicity is basically to instruct users on the benefits of our products through the web, instructional courses, and instructional DVDs.

Don’t deceive the brand.
Users of Magpul products have exclusive requirements and a lot of trust with respect to the quality and measure of thought put into each design we discharge. As being what is indicated, all items must have the “touch” of the Magpul configuration group as illustrated in the first piece of this record. On the same note, incredible consideration must be taken not to partner the brand with any outsider product that does not hold fast to the Magpul center qualities.

Nobody is using a Magpul product on the grounds that they need to
When I was a Marine I routinely purchased numerous types of equipment in a push to increase a survival point of interest, yet the majority of that apparatus was misguided and by and large couldn’t survive genuine field conditions. Knowing this I actualized a 60-day, no inquiries asked profit strategy for all Magpul product to permit users sufficient time to field test the apparatus in an environment of their picking. On the off chance that a recently obtained bit of Magpul apparatus breaks or is unacceptable for the mission, send it again for a full discount. This was our strategy when Magpul was established in 1999, and it stays essentially today.

Pester the foundation
I recall one time at an exchange show where we discharged some new product that were getting a great deal of consideration. I shrouded my actively present person insignia and strolled around the show, simply looking around like an anonymous guest, when I caught somebody from an alternate organization say, “I simply wish Magpul would go away.” Right then I knew our new items were as inventive as I suspected.
Generally as America’s Founding Fathers tried to advance individual rights and opportunities over those of the aggregate, Magpul additionally remains as an afterthought of the single person. The common adversary of the individual and advancement is the foundation and administration (which truly signifies “the force of the work area”). When we are irritating the foundation, we know we are adequately maintaining our standards.

Out of line preference
“In the event that you come expecting a reasonable battle, you are ill-equipped.” This normal saying among military and law implementation experts shows the center values and attitude that drive all that we do at Magpul. Our client base envelops a wide range of clients; everything from specialists and target shooters to the most specific and exceptionally prepared military units on the planet. Despite the end client or their mission, our objective is to plan gear with structure, fit, and capacity far better than that of your “standard issue” gear. In short, we need to provide for you an unjustifiable preferen


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