Magpul AFG Review

Magpul AFG

When you are buying stocks, grips and any major accessory that affects the operator’s comfort, you know that nothing will be universally liked. There is no perfect solution for everyone, but there certainly are some more popular or widely used options out there. Still, you might feel best with accessories that most would not look at.

Vertical grips were usually used for a full grip, as if were holding a broom stick in your hand. This often did not offer the desired stability to the shooter over the center axis of the rifle. The higher the hand and closer to the bore it comes it is obvious that very long vertical grips are not as useful as they seem.

This is why there exists the hand-stop concept, if you really want a very high hand grip for extra stability. Holding your grip too high can cause over extension or supination of the shooter’s wrist. The Magpul AFG has been designed to prevent exactly that, offering a grip that is both solid and protect the operator from any pain and discomfort.

What is so great about theMagpul AFG?Magpul AFG

Plenty of top shooters have tried it out extensively, only to realize that the level of comfort the Magpul AFG offers is quite impressive. Like all Magpul products, the AFG is of a very high quality, both in its design and the materials used to make it. There are two finger grove inserts that come together with your AFG, an A2 style nub and one that is smooth. People with smaller hands might not find the A2 very comfortable and should prefer the smooth implement. That only takes a couple of minutes and a few screws displaced and replaced.

The AFG uses a flat head screw and nut to mount onto your rail and it takes pretty much the whole 7” length of your typical rail. You can place the AFG further front if that suits your arm length better.

Compared to a KAC hand stop on an SBR it is often a noticeable and pleasant difference. You can grip very high with the AFG, which offers more control and stability. When used instead of a non-QD tango down stubby vertical grip on an SR-15 it was not very comfortable to change your laser/lights, even though it was extremely comfortable to shoot with.

The AFG offers a new type of grip to the operator, which is well worth trying out at the very cheap price it comes for. Many shooters will like this new, more restful Magpul grip, while of course others will prefer the more traditional hand stops or the Magpul RVG vertical grips, especially when the AFG makes it hard to use their accessories comfortably because of the angle.

My advice is to try it out, especially if shooting comfort is very important for you or your wrist is already in pain because of your bad grip. There are plenty of people who really loved the AFG, especially when it came to stationary shooting, and you might be one of them soon!


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