IZ-132 Upgrade from Concern Kalashnikov

Concern Kalshnikov has more than 200 years of experience manufacturing firearms that have proven their worth on the battlefield. They understand how important it is not only to build a legacy, but also to give tactical operators precisely what they need for success in the field of duty.

The famous IZ-132 has been, for decades, one of the premier go-to tactical firearms for many tactical operators, and that holds as true in 2014 as it did when the model first hit the battlefield. The latest upgrade to the IZ-132 has all of the options and ruggedness that makes your shooting, hunting, or defensive environment safer and more versatile.

The standard IZ-132 features a gas-operated rotating-bolt action chambered to 7.62 x 39mm NATO rounds, and has a high-impact polymer buttstock designed for hunting. The forend is also high-impact polymer, and the 16.3” barrel has been setting the bar for other firearms to (try) to surpass for quite some time.

Three 922(r)-compliant upgrades have been added to the IZ-132 that demonstrate original Kalshnikov design while still answering the evolving needs of shooters and hunters throughout the world. These upgrades will also fit the Saiga IZ-240!

One upgrade is an improved polymer stock and hand guard, along with an integrated ergonomic pistol grip. This upgrade works with traditional 30-round double-stack magazines.

Next up, coming this fall, is the SU2 Saiga upgrade, which also accepts 30-round double-stack magazines while adding on a Command Arms Accessories (CAA) skeletonized collapsible stock with an ergonomic extension design, a rubberized pistol grip with back straps and finger grooves that are interchangeable, and a rubber recoil pad. The upgrade also features a hand guard that is complete with a Picatinny rail for mounting scopes and other Saiga accessories.

Finally, the SU3 Saiga upgrade gives you a CAA stock (SRSNL) that is fully adjustable to 10 position extensions, as well as an adjustable cheek piece for getting the proper cheek weld. You also get a vertically adjustable rubberized recoil pad. The rubberized grip gives you six interchangeable finger grooves and backstrap inserts, so you can customize your gun to fit any hand size.

The grip system provides a storage compartment secured by a snap cap, and the SU3 features a total of 5 Picatinny rails for accommodating all of your tactical hunting, shooting, and lighting accessories. Finally, the upper receiver features a dust cover that you can manipulate and remove without dismantling your Picatinny rails. The SU3 also accepts a 30-round double-stack magazine, and is due to drop on the retail marketplace in the early part of 2015.


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