Gun Ownership and Women

Gun Ownership for Women seems to be a highly debatable topic especially taking into consideration the attitude that the media has towards camouflaging things deftly and portraying, at times, a completely different picture from reality and truth. The picture that is painted by the media for gun owners is that of an irate white individual lurking in a rural setup away from the din and bustle of a cosmopolitan life. This blatant exaggeration seems to emanate from looking at issues from a narrow prism of reference. As a matter of fact gun ownership cannot be an automatic privilege given to anyone merely on the basis of ethnicity or any other affiliation. It’s a known fact that this privilege is not a hostage to any requirements of age, background and ethnic origin as it’s utilized by people of all age groups, cultural or social background and diverse race, color, creed and ethnicity. The objective of such possession can be self-protection or hunting depending upon individual taste and requirements. Moreover, there is a common myth that women abhor the concept of Gun Ownership and wants to mitigate violence by scrapping the Second Amendment. This notion might have been perpetuated by the liberal politicians in conjunction with the media but truth is far from this. Now let’s evaluate four crucial points that the media would desist from cascading about women gun ownership.AR-15 Accessories

  • Shooting as a Hobby & Sport for Women

While it is true that shooting is generally considered a man’s sport but the fact cannot be ignored that a lot of women takes active interest in this game and relishes the time they spend on this hobby. Some of the women show even better level of focus and concentration than their male counterparts and actually end up winning a competition or giving a tough fight to their opponents. It has been observed that this sport has gained a lot of popularity in the past ten years or so amongst women and in all likelihood this trend might continue or even scale new heights. The veracity of what is being said here can be testified by a visit to a range where women of various age groups and marital status would be engrossed in this sport with active zeal and fervor.

  • As a tool of self-protection

Statistics reveal that the female gun ownership grew at a rapid pace of 77% in the past 7 years and continues to rise further. Women apply for a concealed weapons permit with an objective of self-protection from any act of aggression against them. Many even opt to receive training in weapons safety. A properly trained armed woman is more likely to brave situational crises of a serious nature like stalking, gang rape, abduction, torcher or attempt to murder.

  • Customized Guns and Holsters for Women

A lot of gun manufacturers have been warming up to the demand of guns specifically designed to suit the needs of a woman owner. The innovation seems to be not only in user friendliness or portability but also in color and size to suit the feminist needs and temperament. The creativity and innovation is also demonstrated by the production of customized carrier and holsters for women to facilitate in easy possession of a concealed weapon on a real time.

  • Myth about Voting

Many folks assume that all women vote for liberal and are afraid of possessing arms. This is a myth as there is a plethora of female members who vote conscientiously keeping values and ethics in mind. Although it is true that few of the US cities in tandem with some other liberal territories vote for liberal politicians, but the picture is different in the other parts of the US. Those women who want to retain the ownership of their weapons would vote out those bureaucrats who do not abide by the constitutional provisions as was the case in Colorado where a referendum dismantled politicians opposed to women gun ownership. Hence the liberals and democrats won’t get any favor from women as they now vote with the Second Amendment in hindsight.

On a concluding note, it can be said that a woman with an intent to protect herself and her loved ones should be able to apply for a concealed weapons permit without any challenges or obstacles. This would be a key source of women empowerment and set the tone for emancipation of women from the clutches of domineering bullies. This is an opportune moment to come out of the shell and exercise one’s rights else it would be too late to mend and it’s of no use to cry over split milk.


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