Creating an Even Better Glock Pistol

There are few pistols that match the Glock for its combination of performance, accuracy, reliability and precision manufacturing. It’s little wonder that the Glock is the pistol preferred by police officers in the US. Civilian customers love the Glock just as much with the overall reliability of the weapon being second to none.

The Glock does not have a reputation for being a gun you can customize easily, but then again it is crafted so well that seemingly few people would want to change it. However, there are some interesting and practical improvements that can be made to this already impressive weapon.

How to Customize the Glock Pistol

First things first, you do not want to take away what makes the Glock special. In essence, you are trying to enhance the advantages instead of changing the overall performance of the weapon itself. You’ll want to avoid any modifications that might compromise the safety of the weapon as well since this will open you up to a lawsuit or worse.

Assuming you use the weapon in competitive situations, here are a few suggestions for making basic modifications that will help increase the overall performance of the pistol itself.glock

Glock Sights

While the plastic sights that accompany the standard issue Glock are fine for occasional shooting, you’ll want to replace the front sight quickly because it will lose its clean edges soon.

Metal Sight: This is a basic modification that replaces the plastic sight with a metal one for longer lasting performance. However, you can go with night sights as well which are perfect for poor lighting conditions. For home protection, a night sight just may make the difference in low light settings. For competition guns, you’ll want to use an appropriate metal sight such as those manufactured by Warren Tactical Dave Sevigny sights which provide a narrow front and open rear for greater accuracy.

Glock Trigger

A new trigger spring is a good place to start as well. You can choose from a variety of springs that range from 3.5 to 12 pounds. Lighter pull springs are better for target and competition shooters while standard 5.5 lb. springs are good for self defense. Heavier springs make it more difficult to fire the weapon accidentally, which may also be good for home defense as well.

Extended Magazine Release & Trigger Bars

An extended magazine release provides greater leverage and makes it simple to drop the magazine when needed. This feature is good for law enforcement officers, competition shooters or anyone who finds themselves in a firefight. An extended release means you can drop the empty magazine and reload that much more quickly.

For those who own smaller Glocks, like the 9mm or .40 S&W, the Glock 22 trigger with trigger bar makes for an excellent addition. This prevents your fingers from becoming raw when shooting the gun repeatedly during competitions thanks to the smooth face and sanded down edges. Also, rounding the trigger safety so that it matches the contours of the trigger also reduces any wear on the fingers as well and makes it a more manageable weapon.

Mini Glocks

These CCW weapons, particularly the G27 are highly popular with law enforcement, detectives and civilians who like having an effective, concealed weapon. Adding good night sights not only improve the weapon’s accuracy at night, they also help keep the gun from snagging on clothing or the holster.

Finger extensions are another good addition as well. They up the rounds to 10 and add more surface grip which makes shooting the smaller versions of the Glock more manageable. For those who need to pull out their G27 fast, having finger extensions certainly help.


Adding a good, comfortable rubber grip sleeves to your Glock can help make it more comfortable to shoot, especially during competitions. Also, if you use the weapon in less than ideal conditions, the rubber grip sleeves can make it easier to handle. However, they are not as good for concealed weapons as they can “catch” on clothing and can be seen easier under your garments as well.

A nifty item is the plugs used on the back strap of the Glock. This helps keep whatever dirt may enter the weapon and they also improve the overall appearance of the weapon as well.

Additional Suggestions

There are a number of other ideas that you can use as well in order to create your own individualized Glock that does not sacrifice in terms of safety or performance.

There are the simple ideas such as flashlights and laser sights for the Glock that offer considerable advantages when shooting at night. In particular, the laser sight is a real deterrent for intruders who suddenly see a red dot on their chest.

Plus, there are the types of improvements that can be done at the factory or by a qualified gunsmith that can accessorize your glock. Most of these improvements are done to the exterior of the weapon, such as replacing the finish on your Glock with plating, such as NP3 from Robar or having other types of finishes. You can also have the grip customized specifically to your hand to make it more compact, include different textures and even place cocking serrations on it as well.

What to Avoid

However, with all the things you can do to your Glock, there are a few things that you want to avoid as well.

First and foremost, you do not want to do anything to your weapon that gets you in trouble with the law or opens you up to a lawsuit. Common mistakes are lowering the trigger pull to below 3.5 pounds, creating a rear slide plate with a “skull and crossbones” or other, similar decoration which can open you up to a lawsuit from the person whom you defended yourself against.

The changes you make should be done in the interest of improving the overall performance of your Glock while following all the appropriate laws, rules and regulations, particularly when it comes to safety.



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