Clear AR-15 prototype by Tennessee Arms Co.

Clear AR-15

If you want a clear AR-15, that just might be on the horizon. The Tennessee Arms Company has just released a proof-of-concept video that shows off a clear receiver for the AR-15. This prototype is made of polymer, and it’s just to show that it might be possible. We don’t know if or when these clear polymer receivers will actually ever be mass produced.

The Tennessee Arms Company is having problems right now with tolerances and, in a bit of irony, getting the lower receivers to work together with polymer magazines. Hopefully, the Tennessee Arms Company will get the problem sorted out pretty soon, and these clear lower receivers will become available to the public.

AR-15 Accessories

You can already get a lower in a host of different colors including flat dark earth, foliage green, rifle green, olive drab, and black. You can also get a pink lower, to match Magpul’s limited-edition pink accessories.

Many people are iffy about polymer receivers, but lowers built by the TN Arms Company are highly regarded in the firearms business. Their lowers have naval brass reinforcements on the buffer tower extension as well as the pistol grip. This adds a bit more support where the receivers are thinnest, and also prevents cross-threading or stripped threads.

We might not be there yet for clear lowers, but if you want to try out a polymer lower for yourself, be sure to take a look at what the Tennessee Arms Company can offer you.


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