AR-15 MLOK Handguard (MLOK) from JL Billet

Many times, when something is sent to us writers, we simply place it on top of the initial gun which is present, carry out our shooting and many times, the part is thrown into a parts bin that increases continuously up to the time we manage to set up the subsequent franken-gun. At no time before this have I been motivated to create a gun surrounding a part. This was until the JL Billet MLOK Handguard was sent.

I am not certain of the reason I was motivated by this so much; however, after I set the brake through its motions and with the current AR-15 handguard available, I made a strong resolution to create a rifle that would pay tribute to the machining and workmanship of a billet upper. Consequently, it made me create a billet rifle of 100%, without utilizing any part for stock or MIL-SPEC AR.

The Handguard

I have talked enough about the creation it motivated. The specific handguard is not flashy, at initial glance. However, when assessed completely, it is detailed.
It is created from billet and being a machinist, it complicates time since majority of handguards make use of extrusion. The handguard utilizes a persistent picatinny rail above and three sections of M-LOK from Magpul for accessory link.

The sides are 45 degree with a changing design of triangles and trapezoids. It just changes across the horizontal facet on top. Rather, it utilizes corresponding circles and elliptical figures.

Link to the receiver is through an low profile barrel nut to receiver. Instead of making use of a proprietary device, it utilizes flat faces that work well with regular wrenches in any toolbox at home.

The ones who wish to utilize a torque can make use of crows foot of 1 & 1/8″.

Link of rail to barrel nut is through pressure clamp from a couple of hex-screws at the handguard’s base rear. The only dissatisfaction I have is that the handguard lacks a good index to receivers for sustenance of placement in the event of a high-torque occasion.

This is not possible; but, I am fond of the feature. However, in the course of fixing, a person can use any picatinny accessory, link the two rails then secure the handguard firmly for ideal alignment.

When fixed, it matches well with any octagonal receiver. Instead of leaving an empty space which would otherwise interface with the barrel nut, the space is used by JL Billet to include interfaces of press-button Q/D which are set majestically of the handguard which is otherwise low profile. The receiver front bends in-front a bit, which is great for any shooters of ‘Costa’ style, who use their thumb to touch a rail’s top, making it a bit more purchasable.


  • Simple to fix.
  • Strong fit as well as finish. Small tool marks; however, they are attractive marks to a machinist.
  • The mode is powerful and might not suit everyone; however, for the rifleman who wants to be unique, it is a wonderful complement, particularly with the corresponding brake.
  • MLOK could be used readily without problems with any trimmings.
  • It has push-button mounts (Q/D) at the back close to the receiver.
  • Superb utilization of space.

Outstanding Features

  • The cost is $199 which is affordable.
  • Caters for literally all gas blocks (low-profile) in the market.
  • Can even fit the adjustable for ODIN Works that can present a problem with nails of low-profile.


  • It would please me to experience a technique of making sure that the handguard is not able to coil in the field. Possessing ‘wings’ or another thing would make me relax.


It is difficult to state that a rail is definitely better compared to another. Therefore, instead of stating this, I can confidently state that at least, the JL Billet is as great as other top offerings.
It is manufactured in the USA (100%) and is the embodiment of uniqueness and workmanship of a person who is proud and happy with their job. Many will be satisfied with an extruded form which is focused on output and cost; JL Billet and each of his items portray what happens when you get rid of the cheap ones and concentrate on what can be formed when design becomes more important than operation.



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