Surefire M600 Ultra LED Scout Light with IWC Thorntail Offset Adaptive Light Mount - Black

Surefire M600 Ultra LED Scout Light with IWC Thorntail Offset Adaptive Light Mount - Black

Surefire M600 Ultra LED Scout Light with IWC Thorntail Offset Adaptive Light Mount

M600 ultra scout light® is dynamically built to provide you with a constant and powerful supply of illumination that covers both short and long range applications. Even when you are running the device on a set of batteries, you still get a blinding supply of white light  for one and a half hours.

The compact M600 ultra scout light® is built to produce 500 lumens of output. With the aid of Total Internal Reflection lens, the reach of the light beam is vast, using an intense central area of 13,000 candelas. With this you can be sure the device got you covered, whether you are operating on a short or long range.

The M600 ultra scout light® is pretty compact: the device is less than 5.5 inches, and because it is light, you can hardly feel the additional weight when used with a weapon. Other accessories also get more rail space when you are using this device. In comparison to other larger weapons that perform similar functions, you would definitely prefer the easy way this device allows you maneuver the weapon you are using it with.

It also comes with a thumbscrew clamp that makes it easy to attach to long guns that have a picatinny rail.

When using the M600 ultra scout light®, there are two different switches you have access to. There is a pushbutton tailcap switch for when you need the device on, only for   a short while. This is the same button you press further to have it on constantly.

Then there is a tape switch that is 7 inches long, that makes use of self-stick Velcro® to attach to the location which you prefer.

The specifications for this device include an aerospace aluminum of high strength. To reduce the effect of corrosion and for superior toughness, it was subjected to Mil-Spec hard anodizing. To maximize light transmission, the device is equipped with optically coated tempered glass, and to keep out the elements, it is O-ringed.
It might interest you to know this device is available in black and it is equipped with the necessary strength that makes it ideal for the ruggedness that combats demand. All SureFire weapon lights have this important feature.


You can attach the device to carbines, submachine guns or rifles, as long as the device has got a forend, with a picatinny tail.

  • The M600 ultra scout light®, comes equipped with an LED that generates 500 lumens of extremely bright white light. Suffice to say the LED is recoil-proof.  It continues to provide you with tactical level light for one and a half hours.
  • The device lets you enjoy adequate beams that cover longer range applications and equally adequate light for peripheral vision. This is done with the aid of the total internal reflection (TIR) lens.
  • It’s built with other features such as gasket seals, tempered window which is optically-coated, Mil-Spec hard-anodized aerospace aluminum, and it is also O-ringed.
  •  The device comes packed with pressure-activated tape switch and ergonomic tactical switching click-on/off tailcap  
  • The device can easily and securely attach to any weapon with a picatinny tail, with the aid of the thumbscrew clamp.
  • The M600 ultra scout light® comes packed with two 123A Lithium batteries. Both batteries have a shelf life of 10 years.


Max Output -- White Light 500 .0 lumens
Tactical Runtime* 1 .5 hours
Bezel Diameter 1 .1 inches
Weight w/Batteries 5 .6 ounces (approx.)
Batteries 2 123A (included)


THORNTAIL Adaptive Light Mount Product Details:

THORNTAIL Adaptive light mount-scout is an ideal device that gives the shooter increased accuracy, speed and control while maneuvering the weapon.  The weapon light of the SUREFIRE M300A OR M600C is extended several inches, and this goes beyond the end of the rail system. This way, the shooter can place a support hand farther forward on the weapon.
 With this device, usable space for attaching, lasers, IR devices and grips is also increased.

On a single rail system, you get 8 different mounting solutions with the THORTAIL.  Find any 1913 picatinny tail, and it attaches smoothly.

THORNTAIL removes shadows; whether the light is critically low, or even in a shoot out situation with no light supply. This is because the device comes with a cantilevered mounting design that places the bezel of the SUREFIRE M300A OR M600C weapon light above the barrel, right in front of the front sight base.

THORNTAIL adaptive light mounts are CNC machined from BILLET 6061-T6, Black anodize type 111 to Mil-A- 8625F. The compliance of these ultra- weight devices to the Berry amendment is also on a hundred percent.

Each THORNTAIL is completely packed with the necessary instructions manual, hardware and tools you would need in attaching your light to the weapon.

 The warranty period is 100%, and lasts a lifetime. You get your full refund on return.

 The device is proudly made at impact weapons components in Colorado, USA, and designed with Haley strategic partners.







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