Trijicon Sig Sauer 9mm, .357SIG (Excluding the P938) Night Sight Set (SG01)

Trijicon Sig Sauer 9mm, .357SIG (Excluding the P938) Night Sight Set (SG01)
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Trijicon Sig Night Sights (SG01)

SIG 3 dot green front & green rear night sight set, fits P225, 226, 228, 239, Sig Pro, Sig Pro 2009 (also fits Springfield XD-9, XD-40, XD-45, & XD-357).

The set for SG01 consists of a No. 8 front and No. 8 rear. Green lamps have a warranty of 12 years from the manufacture date.  Trijicon provides an option of dot colors which are lighted up to suit the likes of an individual shooter.

Trijicon Night Sights are accessible with yellow, green as well as orange aiming dots. The front view is present, with a regular lighted green dot. Green dots are advised by Trijicon as these lamps are the most intense. They are ideal for targets in situations of low shooting or no-light.

But, as some shooters have a liking for huger difference between their sights at the front and rear, Trijicon also provides orange and yellow dots for rear sights.
Trijicon advises yellow rather than orange for the dots at the rear, as yellow is more vivid, durable and so presents a lengthier warranty.  The designing and assembling of Dot night sight sets for Trijicon 3 is carried out with maximum blend of power and protection.

The aluminum cylinder which is patented and building of sapphire lens goes unsurpassed. The vividness acquired from the tritium content is aimed at the sapphire lens to offer the ultimate possible lighting. As steel is used to machine the sight blades instead of casting, their power is unmatched.

Trijicon night sights are the most vivid, powerful and secure.

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