Trijicon 42mm Reflex 6.5 MOA Dot Reticle w/ A.R.M.S. #15 Throw Lever Flattop / Weaver Mount

Trijicon 42mm Reflex 6.5 MOA Dot Reticle w/ A.R.M.S. #15 Throw Lever Flattop / Weaver Mount

Trijicon 42mm Reflex 6.5 MOA Dot Reticle w/ A.R.M.S. #15 Throw Lever Flattop / Weaver Mount

The Trijicon 42mm Reflex 6.5 MOA dot reticle is the same dual-illumination and non-magnifying system as the previous 1x24mm Reflex sights however it comes with a much larger 42mm objective to achieve maximum light-gathering capability along with quick target acquisition. This popular reticle from Trijicon is known to use an ambient light which is reflected through a unique fiber optic system while also being combined with glow-in-the-dark Tritium, in order to create an easy-to-see orange-coloured aiming dot that comes with excellent contrast in all types of lighting conditions. Advanced optics have always been able to provide enhanced, wide-band, light transmission in order to achieve faster target acquisition during a wide range of different shooting situations. The Trijicon’s multi-layer, uniquely dichroic-mirror coated lens is ideal for outstanding heads-up, and also both-eye-open targeting. The reticle is also easily adjustable for elevation  and windage +/-30 MOA, with a simple click per inch at up to 100 yards. The reticles robust housing is produced from solid A357-T6 aluminum alloy and the reticle does not require the use of batteries that may weaken or wear out entirely, which means there are also no switches to flick on and off.

A glowing, bright aiming dot that is perfect in any condition, without batteries.

The Trijicon 42mm Reflex 6.5 MOA dot reticle is certainly an incredible and  major improvement over Trijicon’s previous sights. This particular reticle is far much brighter and the field of view is enormous in comparison to previous models with thanks to the 42mm objective and also the unique fiber optics which are far more efficient. The 6.5 MOA dot is fantastic during fast and close-in shooting but it may not be entirely well suited for incredibly long distance or highly-skilled precision shooting. The lens is lightly coated with a bluish tint that many individuals claim isn’t at all distracting while shooting. Trijicon’s large 42mm objective allows finding the reticle incredibly easy and fast, especially when shooting in unconventional shooting positions even with imprecise head alignment when behind the optic. There are also a wide variety of mount options that are readily available on the market too.

Trijicon’s bespoke technologically advanced and popular Reflex sights offer enthusiasts the perfect combination of precision and speed under virtually any shooting and lighting conditions or situations, which certainly gives this sight a lot of credit.

Overview of the Trijicon 42mm Reflex 6.5 MOA dot reticle:

  • An extra bright aiming point in low or bright light. Or no light at all.
  • Reticle allows for fast target acquisition along with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Large sight picture along with realistic true-to-life colour.
  • Built from robust and high quality grade materials.
  • Designed for the use of ‘both-eyes-open’ shooting.

The Trijicon 42mm Reflex 6.5 MOA dot reticle also includes:

  • 1x Flattop Mounting Adapter(TA51)
  • 1x Trijicon Logo Sticker (PR15)
  • 1x Lenspen (LENSPEN)
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x Reflex Manual

The Trijicon 42mm Reflex 6.5 MOA dot reticle specifications:

Magnification 1x
Objective Size (mm) 42
Bullet Drop Compensator No
Length (in) 4.9
Weight (oz) 8.2 w/out mount
Illumination Source Fiber Optics & Tritium
Reticle Pattern 6.5 MOA Dot
Day Reticle Color Amber
Night Reticle Color Amber
Adjustment @ 100 yards (clicks/in) 1
Mount RX23
Mount Comes With A.R.M.S.#15 Throw Leve
Housing Material Cast A356-T6 Aluminum


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