TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock- Right

TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock- Right
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TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock - Right Handed

The TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole stock has been labelled ‘the next level of premium craftsmanship’, and rightfully so. With its incredibly sturdy, yet comfortably integrated cheek rest, a perfectly smoothed and contoured thumbhole, along with a precision fit recoil rubber butt pad for absorbing shock, and let’s not forget an added forend gripping ridge, means that this stock rom TimberSmith easily stands alone as one of the greatest wooden stocks available on the market today. As with an abundance of TimberSmith products, this right handed stock is one hundred percent crafted within the U.S.A. and is known to count as 2 922r compliance parts.

The TimberSmith SKS Right Handed Thumbhole Stock features not only features its integrated cheek rest, recoil-absorbing rubber buttpad and such, but is also available for left handed shooters and come in a variety of different models such as camo laminate, brown and also black.

The TimberSmith SKS Right Handed Thumbhole Stock Unique Design

The TimberSmith SKS Right Handed Thumbhole Stock design is a unique combination of design elements that have been recommended and asked for by many shooters around the globe. This smooth thumbhole design has been structured and developed around the demands of the customer. With its exceptionally large rollover cheek piece intended for scope usage and also straight comb design in order to minimise cheek slap when firing, the hand conforming thumbhole is able to allow for increased accuracy while also distributing any recoil among the shoulder and palm of the shooter, which minimises felt recoil and muzzle jump. The forend of the stock is proportioned to greatly complement barrels from 21 inches up to 25 inches in length. Which means it will happily and effortlessly accommodate barreled actions that come with the standard sporter contour barrels. Firearms with significantly larger barrels, especially up to a tapered varmint in design can be simply inlet in for these stocks. The forend also comes with side vents which allow a free floating barrel to efficiently cool for long days when shooting out at the range. The TimberSmith SKS Right Handed Thumbhole Stock is also available in a wide range of different in-lettings in order to accommodate many barreled actions.

Nevertheless it should be noted that due to many of the different variations among models and the tolerances that factories may routinely adhere to, you may discover that some minor fitting may be required in order to achieve the perfect fit you are wanting to achieve.

Adjusting the TimberSmith SKS Right Handed Thumbhole Stock

If we first start by taking a look at one end of the TimberSmith SKS Right Handed Thumbhole Stock you will discover an incredibly soft yet robust rubber recoil pad. In the middle of the pad, you will discover a screw. Once the screw is loosened, simply pull the pad backward slightly. You can adjust and move the butt pad of the stock up and down in order to fit your anatomy perfectly.

There is also a solid metal plate which is attached to a recoil pad and also another metal plate which is situated on the buttstock. Each metal plate has its own metal teeth that fit into each other when the stock’s screw is fastened so that the adjustable butt pad is guaranteed not to slip out of the position it was initially placed in.

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