Tapco SKS Stock with Spike Bayonet Cut

Tapco SKS Stock with Spike Bayonet Cut

Tapco Intrafuse SKS Rifle Stock System - Retain Your Original Spike Bayonet

It is a great time for SKS rifle enthusiasts as the all new Tapco Intrafuse Stock System is now available to give your classic weapon a great transformation. With this addition, you can give your old weapon an ultra modern and contemporary tactical weapon look. The Intrafuse Stock System substitutes the original stock gears and elements with a much stronger and tougher composite material. The stock is also equipped with 6 various adjustable positions which makes its extremely compatible for shooters of any height. Another important characteristic of Tapco’s Intrafuse Stock System is the upgraded handguard which comes with an in-built Picatinny or Weaver rail.

As an integral part of the kit, you will also receive a SAW pistol grip which has been designed to make it more ergonomic. This enhanced design gives it a much stronger grip thus improving the level of comfort and control over the weapon as a whole. The grip housing also contains a handy storage compartment within it. If you think those are the only modifications, then think again! Tapco has come up with some more new additions and features that enable these models to retain your original spike Bayonet. You need not get rid of your bayonet in order to improve the look and performance of your classic SKS weapon. It has been marked as "TAPCO USA" and counts as 3 U.S. Sec 922r compliant parts.

From positions 1 through 6, the length of pull begins at 10.75” and touches a maximum of 14.75” with 11.5”, 12.5”, 13.25” and 14” being the other 4 points.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Product has been manufactured in the US by TAPCO and Counts as 3 Sec 922r Compliant Parts.
  • The solid locking and 6 adjustable positions offer immense compatibility and flexibility for all shooters.
  • Equipped with a great mounting platform and a handy storage compartment.
  • Comes with matching color patterns and more importantly a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • The various color options are: BLACK - STT-STK66168-BLK, DARK EARTH - STT-STK66168-DE, OLIVE DRAB - STT-STK66168-OD.

Contents of the kit

  • Installation Hardware
  • 1 SKS Stock Chassis for Spike Bayonet
  • 1 SKS Railed Handguard for the Gas Tube (excluding Gas tube)
  • 1 SAW Style Pistol Grip and
  • 1 Six Position Buttstock Assembly and Extension Tube

Color Options:

MSP is a proud distributor of Tapco products and many other SKS Accessories and SKS Stocks

(average out of 284 votes: 3.2 stars)

Customer Reviews

Fit like a glove. Had to do small amount of filing on gas tube cover. Dremel works well for this application. No complaints.

Nice ,modern upgrade to my SKS * Still waiting for the second one I ordered for a friend to arrive

MSP Code: STT-STK66168
Price: $74.99

Color Options:
(average out of 284 votes: 3.2 stars)

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