Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 2oz. Spray Bottle

Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 2oz. Spray Bottle

Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 2oz. Spray Bottle

Thanks to the brilliance of innovation, there is now a cleaning solvent for your firearms that allows you to clean your firearm faster and safer than ever before. Gone are the days when you had to worry about toxins when you were cleaning your firearms, because BREAKTHROUGH® allows you to toss out those outdated solvents and enter a new era of firearm cleaning.

BREAKTHROUGH® is a non-water based distilled petroleum solvent, which means it won’t freeze at harsh temperatures. All of the possible carcinogens and hazardous waste materials found in petroleum-based solvents of the past are wiped out of the formula for this solvent, using a state-of-the-art distillation process. BREAKTHROUGH® is odorless and has low toxicity, and is the best high-purity hydrocarbon solvent available today. It is benzene free, with low vapor pressure control to prevent and regulate volatile organic compound emissions.

Using BREAKTHROUGH®, you can remove all fouling and residue, whether it is brass, carbon, copper, dirt, grease, lead, or anything else. This pH neutral formula is even safe on your weapon’s wood and/or polymers! BREAKTHROUGH® is the solvent of choice for any gun owner who will settle for nothing less than the absolute best in performance, care, and safety of themselves, the environment, and their firearms.

If you’re used to using regular, traditional solvents to clean your firearms, BREAKTHROUGH® will seem no different, because the application and cleaning process are the same.

Benefits of Using BREAKTHROUGH®

  • No odor; gone are the days of harsh solvent smells!
  • Almost no toxicity (the Army’s Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine has even granted BREAKTHROUGH® a toxicity clearance!)
  • Extensively tested by the Department of Defense
  • Selected by the DoD as an authorized product for cleaning small arms
  • EPA friendly, with no listed components or characteristics of hazardous waste
  • Extremely high flashpoint of 150º F (compared to 55º F flashpoints of traditional firearm cleaning solvents).

If you are moving to BREAKTHROUGH® from a CLP cleaner, you will find that BREAKTHROUGH® is a superior cleaner, meaning you can clean your firearm faster. While CLP cleaners usually require multiple cleanings to get the firearm completely clean, BREAKTHROUGH® will get your firearm completely clean in just one application. BREAKTHROUGH® will remove all fouling (including any lubricants and/or oils), so you will need to lubricate your firearm after cleaning it.

BREAKTHROUGH® is safe for use on wood grips, but the wood should be oiled after cleaning to prevent untreated wood from drying. It is safe for use in cleaning all metal surfaces, too, including the bore and firing mechanisms.

BREAKTHROUGH® won’t remove your bluing or chrome plating, and it is even safe to use on polymers and composite materials.


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Customer Reviews

Let me start off by saying i am in love with this setup, its easy to install it comes with very detailed instructions, I have it on my mossberg 835 the set comes with adapters for remington and winchester as well, i was a little weary of paying $119 but i bought just a buttstock on amazon for $60 and it snapped after the third 3 1/2 shell, so i was thrilled to see the build quality of this ati stock its nice and sturdy and it cuts the recoil of a 3 1/2 shell in half, i would deffinitly buy an Ati product again and from you guys at mounts plus. Thanks

MSP Code: 183-BTS-2OZ
Price: $8.95

(average out of 61 votes: 3.3 stars)

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