Horus Vision ASLI (Angle Slope Level Indicator)

Horus Vision ASLI (Angle Slope Level Indicator)


Angle Slope Level Indicator
The ASLI gives the sophisticated marksman a slope indicator and cant indicator in one hermetically sealed unit. Its slope indicator eliminates guesswork in uphill and downhill shots by helping you find true level/ground distance: simply multiply the range to the target by the cosine value shown on the slope indicator. The cant indicator is invaluable in long-distance shooting: it helps keep bullet flight true to your sighted aim. The ASLI attaches directly to your scope, is reversible to accommodate left and right handed users, doesn't need batteries, and comes with a hard rubber cap. Fine-tune your aim with the ASLI.

  • Magnetically dampened to quickly halt oscillation for fast readings
  • Clear, large numbers for better visibility in low light
  • Readings in both vertical angle degrees and its corresponding cosine value
  • Versatile mounting for left, right, bubble up or upside down, and high angle grenade launching
  • Easy to paint plastic housing to blend ASLI into your scope and gun
  • Tested to withstand the repeated G-shock pounding of a 50cal BMG

Mount Size:
HV-ASLI-01 New 30mm to 34mm Ring Mount

(average out of 273 votes: 3.0 stars)

Customer Reviews

I am extremely pleased with this kit that Mounts Plus offers. Everything included was of high quality. The price was very reasonable; others sites offer the kit for $30-40 more and it does not come with a Magpul stock. It shipped from FL and 3 days later I received it in CA.

Took a while to get use to it. The reaction to angle change is a bit slow. And a very bizarre level line placement (to the right of center). Had no issues with mounting it to 30mm scope. A little bit hard to read the numbers during bright sun. It?s not perfect but you can?t beat the value compare to other products on the market. Will buy another one!

This item is a fantastic alternative to the way over priced Badger ACI. It combines the level with the angle and cosign indicator (instead of either / or), and you can get a mount for a rail or for the scope tube. The down side is that the weaver mount fits the ASLI loosely. There is a set screw, but it fits in the locking whole loosely, so the device (at least mine) jiggles. You can either tap a smaller hole or get a bigger screw, and it works well.

The dovetail on the ASLI body is to small. It just falls out of the ring even after the clamping bolt is tighten as far as possible. Does the same thing with other brands of rings. Called manufacture and I'm stuck with it. They have no more and aren't getting any more. Going to new design. Using shimstock on the dovetail. Quality?????


Price: $145.00

(average out of 273 votes: 3.0 stars)

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