A.R.M.S. #3 FN FAL Mount - Standard

A.R.M.S. #3 FN FAL Mount - Standard

A.R.M.S. #3 FN FAL Mount Stand

The A.R.M.S. FN FAL standard and paratrooper are precision machined to military specifications. This mount replaces the existing dust cover and offers the user a rigid mounting base with NATO standard weaver rail and picatinny rails. This mount with fit L1A1 and FAL rifles. Manufactured from aluminum extrusions with steel attachment rails riveted in place. The exceptional rigid alloy body provides a rock solid platform for even the largest optics.
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Customer Reviews

Great product. Fits on my L1A1 with a little effort, as the fit is tight, which is good, to hold zero. The ejection opening is larger than the receiver, so it doesn't quite line up with the lower contours, but it's flush with the outer dimensions otherwise, which is better than the DSA version it replaced. Riveted guides are superior. No brainer upgrade.

Perfect mount for milspec receivers; lightweight, low profile, and solid. This mount fits nice and very tight in my buddy's Imbel receiver, with no filing necessary. You should have something better than your purse to remove it in the field. If your receiver is not in spec, you may have problems. Unfortunately, my Century inch pattern receiver has very tall grooves cut for the dust cover, allowing vertical movement with these slip on mounts.

I actually purchased mine several years ago. I had intermittant ejection problems right from the start with the ARMS mount installed. Reinstall the military cover and ejection problems go away. The ARMS port is too small! The brass hits the edges and bounces back into the chamber. They need to redesign and it would be top notch because it is really well made. I plan to take a dremmel tool to mine and open up the port

Fit perfectly on my L1A1 with no modifications. Factory dust cover pulled off easily and Standard mount slid into place with only light tapping with a hammer andsmall block of wood. New scope mounted securely and holds zero well.

I'm not sure yet haven't received product, or any info on when I will get it. Have tried to call but goes to voice mail and its full, it has been 3 weeks since order was placed, just have no idea if will receive product at all or when.

MSP Code: ARMS-3
UPC Code: 13964034110
Price: $135.00

Status: Status: On Backorder, will take extra time to ship
(average out of 227 votes: 3.2 stars)

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