ELF Drop-In 3-Gun AR-15 Trigger

ELF Drop-In 3-Gun AR-15 Trigger

ELF Drop-In 3-Gun AR-15 Trigger

There is little doubt that Elftmann Tactical has garnered an excellent reputation thanks to their many high quality products such as the AR15 Dual Trigger. Not only was it the first of its kind, but it was very easy to install and worked like a charm.

That spirit continues with the ELF Drop-In 3-Gun AR15 Trigger, a highly regarded product that provides excellent support for military, law enforcement, shooters, and competitors. It uses air ship need orientation which makes it very quick while being a smooth pull on the trigger itself. The vaunted hammer has been joined by a .043 piano wire spring actually takes into account stimulated lock time. The result is that the pull weight can be balanced within a few seconds all without the expectations to expel the trigger.

The framework for the trigger is both light and strong thanks to the materials it is made from and to the EDM machined wire. It is crafted from A2 device steel and includes lightweight aluminum that has been tooled to aircraft strength. You can install the trigger quickly thanks to its superior design along with the unique trigger stacks and sledge that are part of the overall AR15. The trigger itself is accessible with either a bended or straight shoe so that you can make adjustments or changes to your will. The entire process is very quick and you can easily remove the trigger in a short period of time as well.

The ELF Drop-In 3-Gun AR15 Trigger puts you in control of the trigger pull so that you can adjust to what you feel is comfortable. The lightweight design, durable materials, and flexible options make this the trigger of choice for all types, including military, law enforcement, competition shooters, hunters, and more. The design, framework, and ease of installation makes this particular trigger one of the best on the market today and well worth installing in your AR15.


  • Drop-Safe
  • Pull Weight Half that of Factory Trigger
  • Will Fit All Mil-Spec AR15s
  • Flexible from 4 lbs to 2 ½ lbs, no expectation of expelling from lower usage
  • Two-Fold Twisted Sledge Spring
  • Short Draw & Reset
  • Reinforced Trigger
  • Excellent Sledge Heading
  • Needle Trigger Allows for Smooth, Safe Shooting
  • Bespoke Configuration Uses Full 1/4th Width
  • Crafted from Airplane Grade Aluminum & Solidified Steel
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA


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