Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 24 Display Pack of 2oz. Spray Bottle

Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 24 Display Pack of 2oz. Spray Bottle
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Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 24 Display Pack of 2oz. Spray Bottle

Breathe a new lease of life to your firearms as cleaning your weapon has become that much safer and simpler with the new BREAKTHROUGH® Firearm Cleaner Solvent. If the fear of ingesting toxins or inhaling harmful chemicals have restricted you from undertaking the cleaning endeavor, BREAKTHROUGH®’s new attempt helps erase that fear.

BREAKTHROUGH® Firearm Cleaner Solvent – Highlights

  • Non-freezing, non-water based solvent made from distilled petroleum but the method of distillation used removes any trace of carcinogen and other hazardous materials from the final product.
  • This Hydrocarbon solvent is low on toxicity (as proven by the toxicity clearance given by the Army’s Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine) and high on purity and is completely odor free thus making it extremely nature-friendly.
  • Does not have any components and characteristics of hazardous water as listed by the EPA and worker exposure is also not regulated by OSHA Z-list.
  • Its low vapor pressure control prevents Volatile Organic Compound emissions.
  • It is non-flammable and undergoes very slow evaporation and does not have any expiration date.

Product Characteristics

  • BREAKTHROUGH® is capable of removing all kinds of residue including brass, copper, carbon, lead along with any grease and dirt completely after a single application.
  • The fact that it is PH neutral and non-corrosive makes it a safe bet for your weapon’s wood and polymer parts.
  • Weapons, post cleaning with BREAKTHROUGH®, should be well lubricated before the next use.
  • Weight:0.1875 lbs
  • Dimensions: 1.25 by 1.25 by 5.5”.
  • Flash Point: 150oF and Freeze point goes beyond -190oF.
  • Comes in 24 Display Pack of 2oz. Spray Bottle.

If still convinced you can take comfort in the fact that the US Department of Defense has approved the use of this product for small arms! Add this nature-friendly, toxin-free solvent to your shopping list right away!

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