1911 Colt Scope Mount by Weigand

1911 Colt Scope Mount by Weigand

WEIGAND: 1911 Colt Scope Mount Weaver Style

Not many individuals or firearm enthusiasts are aware that the popular Colt 1991 Series is a direct descendant of the well-known and original Colt M1911. Featuring a flat mainspring housing, long trigger and an original style recoiling spring system these are the primary and original key features that still remain from the Colt’s original M1911 design. Specific upgrades from the original Colt include a lowered ejection port that allows for additional reliability and also white dot sights. The Colt certainly still remains “the standard” that many brands continue to imitate, but no one has yet been able to come close to the wonderful Colt 1991 series.

The 1911 Colt scope mount by Weigand is considered as one of the most rugged and foolproof scope mounts to ever be manufactured for the 1911 series. Weigand’s 1911 Colt scope mount equips directly onto your firearm’s dust cover which allows the placement of your scope to be further forward. The mount itself sits just over the very top of the slide which significantly helps to improve balance and allow for faster red dot or sight alignment respectively. The mount from Weigand is produced from a lightweight aluminium that is still rugged enough to avoid flexing or allowing movement while in use, even when it’s placed up against major power factor loads. The 1911 Colt scope mount by Weigand is a great solution for enhancing your firearm’s reliability while avoiding any form of interference with ejection.

1911 Colt Scope Mount by Weigand Product Features:

  • Clearance cut specifically for Colt.
  • Features enhanced slides.
  • Includes full installation instructions. (Scope mount requires tapping and drilling of frame)
  • Includes allen mounting screws.
  • Accepts any form of Weaver-style rings.
  • 4-1/2" in length.
  • Available in black and silver matte anodized finish.
  • 2 ounces in weight.
  • Lightweight feature aids in reducing red-dot "carry over".
  • Fits 1911 Auto and alternative clones.
  • Government length frames.
  • Will not interfere with cycling or ejection.

As a significantly low cost and rugged scope mount the 1911 Colt scope mount by Weigand is capable of adapting to all forms of shooting. The mount’s no-flex design and solid side panels make this particular mount a fantastic choice for pin shooting or any other form of discipline that uses significantly full-power loads.

Weigand mount bases are renowned for their exceptionally high-quality customer service and let’s not forget their unrivalled construction which is produced from durable and lightweight aluminum. The versatile Weigand mount bases effortlessly allow your 1911 Colt to be equipped with any choice of red dot sight or scope of your preference. This product includes all mounting hardware that is required for fitting. The scope mount will require both tapping and drilling frame along with minor modifications to the slide stop respectively.

IMPORTANT: Installation of this particular scope mount will require tapping and drilling of the frame.

1911 Drill Fixture For The 1911 Colt Scope Mount by Weigand

For accurately locating the hole locations on your standard 1911 frame you may wish to also purchase an option fixture for ease. It’s suggested to use a drill press in order to drill the holes, but hand drills can also be used.

Color Finish:
#WCO-SM3-00B Black
#WCO-SM3-00S Silver
#WCO-SM3-NHS Silve w/no mounting holes

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