Ruger M77 MKII - Long Action

Ruger M77 MKII - Long Action

Ruger M77 MKII - Long Action, Rifle Scope Mount by Weigand

M77 MKII Weaver Style Scope Mount-Our Newest Scope Mount in the Ruger Rifle line. This mount converts the Ruger scope ring attaching points to a Weaver style mounting point. To determine if your rifle is the short action you need to measure from the center of the rear scope ring slot on the top of the receiver to the center of the front scope ring slot. The short action is 4, larger readings are the longer action.

We now have a mount for the long action.Accepts all Weaver and Picatinny style rings and accessories. Available in black or silver, matte anodized finish, weighs 3.1 ounces.

WEIG-A-TINNYTM is a Trademark of Jack Weigand

Weigand has developed the perfect combination for scope mounts and scope mounting We have taken the popular WEAVER Style mount and the Tactical PICATINNY style scope mount and combined all of the best features of each to make the ultimate scope mount for all applications. Any true WEAVER Style ring or sight mount will directly attach to our new scope mount configuration. Most all PICATINNY style rings and sights will also attach to our new scope mount configuration. We have adhered to all of the cross slot dimensions and tolerances per PICATINNY specs. The profile is not exact PICATINNY dimensions but close enough to make it easy to mount most all PICATINNY accessories.

There are some quick detach rings that may not hold tightly enough. We do not maintain the .748" +-.002 dimension on the PICATINNY profile but we keep it close enough to work for most applications. If you have any questions regarding our NEW WEIG-A-TINNYTM Style scope mount please feel free to contact us for further details.


(average out of 191 votes: 3.1 stars)

Customer Reviews

The produkt is perfect! But in the box was no bill and this giff's a lot of problems because I must pay more tax.

This is the best of a scant few options to convert the ridiculously unique Ruger mounting system to one compatible with the rest of the world. Simple, easy and effective. I've already ordered the short-action model for my Ruger 77/50 ML.

These long pictinney mounts for the M77 are not made or sold in the UK, and trying to find a US company to ship abroad is a nightmare, so Im very pleased to be able to get a set so I can use my Pulsar N750 on my .243. Got stung an extra 30 bucks by UK parcel service as a handling fee, but still worth it in the end.

This is a great alternative to the Ruger mounts. Went on without issue and lined up directly with the center of the scope. I also have a short action unit on a Ruger Scout.

What a great product and a quality company to work with

MSP Code: 154-WC-M77L
Price: $59.95

(average out of 191 votes: 3.1 stars)

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