Mosin Nagant 9130 See-Thru Scout Scope Mount by Brass Stacker

Mosin Nagant 9130 See-Thru Scout Scope Mount by Brass Stacker

Mosin Nagant 9130 See-Thru Scout Scope Mount by Brass Stacker

Mosin Nagant 9130 See-Thru Scout Scope Mount by Brass Stacker

Scope your Mosin while protecting its noteworthy uprightness.

Steel Picatinny Rail, Mounts Over Rear Sight Block


There is no requirement for bowed jolt handle with this Mount.

Highlights: Allows for mounting of Scout Scope or other long eye alleviation optics on your military surplus Mosin Nagant model 91/30 and 91/59 without the need to bore and tap beneficiary or make any changeless alterations to the gun. It is intended to fit over back sight obstruct with a specific end goal to take into account proceeded with utilization of the first settled/iron sights up to 100 meters. The Mount is inflexible steel development with Black Oxide wrap up. 100% Lifetime Warranty!

Fits: Russian/Soviet M9130

Determinations: The Mount will oblige a front to back (flat) stick focus separation of 1.39" (35.3mm) to 1.82" (46.7mm) and considers .039" (1mm) of all over (vertical) development. The Mount is intended to fit over back sight hinders that measure somewhere around .750"(19.05mm) and .787"(20.00mm) wide. The aggregate weight including equipment is 5.5 oz. We have endeavored to guarantee that this item will fit the greater part of M9130's. Be that as it may, because of the huge number of these guns delivered over numerous years around the globe, it is outlandish for us to consider all assembling variety. Appropriate fixing of all equipment ought to bring about no development of the mount amid ordinary terminating draw back. In the event that for any reason our Mount does not work with your particular 9130 it can be returned (undamaged) for a full discount.


Mount: CNC laser cut edge, pass on punched openings and mounting spaces, structure tapped strings and pass on press framed. 3/32" (13 ga.) thick HR, P&O sort CS-B A569 carbon steel; 40000 psi yield quality. Dark Oxide plated.

Picatinny Rail: CNC machined to MIL-STD-1913. 8" long. HR ATSM A36 low carbon steel; 36000 psi yield quality. Dark Oxide plated.

Screws: #10-32 x ¼" level head attachment top screws. Amalgam steel; Rc 38-45 hardness.


Fasteners: M3x.5 X 30mm attachment head top screw. Grade 12.9 medium carbon Q&T combination steel; Rc 38-44 hardness; 160000 psi yield quality, 177000 psi rigidity; 1.67 ft lbs fixing torque.

Nuts: M3x.5 Hex Nut. Grade 2 low carbon steel; Rc 32 hardness; 60000 psi elasticity. Dark Oxide plated.

Lock Washers: 3mm cut spring lock washer. Steel. Dark Oxide plated.

Level Washers: 3mm plain level washer. Steel. Dark Oxide plated


Wrench: 2.5mm short arm hex key. Steel.

Drill: 3.00x41x70mm HSS Jobber. *Note: Drill is given as a way to get out or fix existing pin holes.*

Punch: 3/32" x 7/8" dowel pin. Solidified 4140 composite steel; Rc 47. ¼" x 2" Aluminum handle. *Note: This punch is not intended to be utilized on hard to evacuate sticks, for example, those patched in place.*

Complete establishment guidelines are supplied.



This mount won't work for a M38/M44/T53! See Model MN384453SSM for a M38/M44/T53.

The pin gaps in the back sight square are regularly found conflictingly as an aftereffect of the first assembling process. The two openings are every now and again not parallel to each other and might be crooked or skewed. The mount can just accomodate such an extensive amount this misalignment. You ought to quantify the middle separations from pin to stick on both sides and check those with the measurements recorded in the SPECIFICATIONS to guarantee that the mount will fit appropriately. A 3mm drill is given and can be utilized to wipe out and fix (to some degree) without developing the pins openings once the pins are evacuated. The pin openings for the back sight square are for the most part .118"(3.0mm) in width and the supplied 3mm jolts have an ostensible OD of .115"(2.92mm). This tight fit alongside the utilization of a fitting fluid string locker for the screws and nuts, and additionally legitimate fixing of the same ought to bring about no development of the Mount amid ordinary terminating draw back. Once in a while the back sight piece itself, as it sits on the barrel dovetail underneath, can be askew with the drag hub. This condition, if great, can antagonistically impact how the Mount sits. It would be ideal if you take note of that a few rifles might have sticks holding the back sight square to the barrel patched set up. Guidelines for accurately applying the obliged warmth to evacuate the bind are given to use at shopper's tact. Likewise, some might have sticks that require the utilization of considerable power to uproot. This ought to be finished with an overwhelming obligation punch (not supplied). The supplied light obligation punch is NOT intended for hard to uproot pins.

If you don't mind allude to mount "Determinations" to decide the worthy measure of deviation for the conditions recorded underneath. Vital! In the event that your rifle has a condition as depicted beneath that won't permit the MN9130SSM Mount to work... it would be ideal if you see the MN39SSMR Universal Fit Anchor Point Series mount.

FIGURE 1) A solitary pin holding the back sight square to the barrel won't permit the MN9130SSM mount to append legitimately. **The mount can be utilized as a layout to bore a second gap with the supplied boring apparatus at customer's prudence.

FIGURE 2) Pins not opposite or skewed to exhaust centerline can bring about the MN9130SSM mount not fitting appropriately.

FIGURE 3) Pins not the same separation from bore centerline can bring about an inadmissible level of up or down "Pitch" making the MN9130SSM mount hard to level front to back.

FIGURE 4) A back sight obstruct that does not run parallel with bore centerline can bring about an inadmissible level of right or left "Yaw" making the MN9130SSM mount begin to the other side.

FIGURE 5) Pins higher on one side from bore centerline than the other side can bring about an unsuitable level of "Move" making the MN9130SSM mount hard to level side to side.

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Apparatuses REQUIRED:

Wellbeing glasses, substantial gloves, strong work surface or tight clamp, hammer, level sharp edge screw driver, 7/32" (5.5mm) attachment driver or wrench, hand drill, and fluid string locker. A MAPP (Methyl Acetylene Propadience Propane) gas light and overwhelming obligation punch might be required to expel existing pins from the back sight piece in the event that they are bound set up. You can for the most part discover these things at your neighborhood equipment or handymen supply. The use of warmth, if done appropriately, won't bring about harm. Remember that you just need to achieve the liquefying purpose of the bind and that this same temperature was accomplished amid unique development without unfavorable impacts. System gave in supplied directions.


Similarly as with ANY degree on ANY mount, if it get an effect (dropped, hit, and so forth.) it ought not be trusted to be exact. In this manner the SEE-THRU highlight of our Mount. You can simply still utilize the first iron or open sights on the off chance that you feel the Mount has been traded off. Plan subject to change without earlier notice.

Alert! Despicable establishment or use might bring about harm to property, extreme damage, or death toll. On the off chance that for any reason this item does not work appropriately, suspend utilize quickly. Continuously practice legitimate SAFETY and guarantee an UNLOADED condition before starting establishment.

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